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What ran through your head?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topdog82, May 25, 2010.

  1. What ran through you head, WORD FOR WORD, when you hit your first blunt?

    I was thinking, "ew this is fucking disgusting, should I really be disobeying my parents? God, please just pardon me for what I am about to do, I am just curious"

    and now I'm an athiest...
  2. well my first blunt was a Mango Cyclone. So I was like "Mmmmmm"

    Then I was laughing at my reflection because I had a rediculous smile on my face.
  3. mine is as follows:

    jesus christ, i cant believe i'm doing, fuck it.
    :smoke:ever since muthafuckasasasassas!
  4. cough cough cough holy shit im so fucking hungry and this giant fucking bag of munchies is the best food iv ever had or will have :hello:
  5. the first time i ever toked up was on a blunt, and i gotta say my mind was racing a mile a minute, but the dominant thought was "i feel fucking fantastic" :smoke:
  6. This fucking blunt does not taste like blueberry.
  7. This is quite the interesting way to smoke weed.

    Let's smoke another.
  8. my first was with my dealer me and a buddie and my dealer and his roomate passed a 3gs in a cigar. i remember thinking "man this is soo big im kinda scared of it maybe i can take a small hit and pass it, oh man its my turn again i can take a big hit, oh shit its my turn i can a take a even bigger hit, fuck yeah its... and then i woke up on the couch the next morning late for work somthing like a 12 hour nap
  9. Cough cough cough cough aw shit. do i feel it?....woah.
  10. Why the fuck haven't I been doing this the whole time?
  11. My throat! My throat! Holy fuck get me some water my throat!
  12. First time I ever smoked was from a blunt and it was harsh as fuck.
  13. A chocolate easter bunny ran through my head. I think I said "Come back!".
  14. I think I went something like this, "Ah shit, I'm waaay too drunk to be hitting this! Fuck it! I'm gonna hit it!." Then I had one hell of a time signing ASL... yeah, I was messed up!
  15. all idk exactly, but it was a crazy day.

    my sister ran off when she was 16 and never came back. i got in touch with her when she was 19-20 and spent the weekend with her.

    i was just extremely happy to spend time with her, i wasn't caring too much about the weed we were smoking. but it was that weekend that i smoked my first blunt (well i probably smoked 6-7 before the weekend was over).

    that was the last time i spent a extended pd of time with her (8 yrs ago). i seen her a hand full of times since then, but it was just saying hi at the mall or w/e.
  16. Whoa...

    (10 minutes later)

    HOLY FUCK! (Then I spent 30 minutes laughin at the Denny's menu because it had an entree called Moons Over My Hammy. Then I found Half Moons Over My Hammy and almost pissed myself)
  17. I thought, "I'm really smoking weed, I can't believe it...." I was a kinda stuck up and straight laced back then. Wow...what 5 years can do. haha
  18. Im not h-WHOA

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