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What quality would you call this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Erkrez, May 27, 2010.

  1. So lately I haven't been able to get to my regular dealer which always has good stuff so I had to resort to a friend from school. Now his stuff isn't as good as what I used to get from my reg dealer but had to settle with him for convenience. Now just asking what would you call this mids, schwag or what?

    Sorry if the pic is bad quality only camera I have available is the one from my cellphone

  2. If there's no seeds and it's not dry or crumpling, dank. If it has any of those three characteristics than it's probably high mids, but from the looks of it, that's dank.
  3. It looks like some high mids to me..judging by the color of it, maybe if it was a little better quality we could tell better. But shit dude, fire it up and tell us for yourself what you think it was. :smoking:
  4. From what I can see, high quality mids.

  5. It's kinda crumpling so yeah it would be high mids I guess. He usually gives me different shit I guess now that I bought more from him he gave me the good shit. Haven't tried it and can't right now. Parents are all over the house but I will fire it up at night today and will update on how it was.
  6. some good mids. i wouldnt say dank. but then again i have high standards.
  7. How does it smell?
  8. Kinda looks like high mids, but with an unusually nice amount of hairs :)
    Have fun!
  9. looks like some leafy dank
  10. Definetely some good mids. I don't see any seeds in the picture which is always nice to have.
  11. HAHAHAHA kid that is no where near dank. you need to get better weed because you don't know shit about it. dank has crystals, has fluffy buds (his is has that schwaggy type texture) and hairs falling off it.

    to op I'd say it's mids.
  12. I'd hit that.

    Its most likely some good mids. I wouldn't say that its great, because from all of that extra debree, it looks really dry and is flakeing off.
  13. How do you expect to see any trichomes (that means crystals stupid) if there's such bad quality to the camera and there's shadow over the nug? Also, it did demonstrate one of the three characteristics I stated and therefore is mids. Lastly, you obviously aren't looking at the entire picture if you don't clearly see all the hairs that have fallen off of it.

    I have great weed, medical actually. How about you? :smoke:
  14. i know what trichromes are dumbass

    and you can't see them because there are none

    you dont smoke medical if you think thats dank

    I mean i dont know how you judge weed but to me "dank" is the highest potency and you can tell just by the bud shape and its WHITE with crystals.. op posted some schwagg/mids.. you can tell even with a bad picture.
  15. Sad to see how angry some pot smokers can be... how is that even possible? Take the flaming somewhere else please
  16. i'd say high mids. if there wasn't so much falling off it'd be dank.
  17. That's exotic, dank is just headies and normal no name fire to me. It's definitely not schwag, this is schwag.


    Like ampeddd said, take your shit somewhere else because no one wants to hear it, :wave:.
  18. Ok I am testing it as I type this and still don't know what I would call it. What I do know is that he gave me stronger shit than what he usually does.
  19. thats high mids ..
  20. ummm smoke it?

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