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What Quality of Weed Is This?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hello seasoned tokers, I'm curious what quality of weed you'd consider this. I'm pretty new, not a seasoned toker myself, I've been smoking daily for the past 7 months and this is what I've picked up every time. My last pick-up was 8 grams of this for $80, I get eighths for 40 and dubs for 20, the usual.

    I know it's not shwag by any means, but would you consider this medium to high quality, just medium quality, just high quality or what? This isn't any known strain I don't think, it's home grown by my guy.

    Photo Album - Imgur

    Also, as a bonus, if you'd like to come up with a name for it that would be cool, I've been wanting to name it. It smells a lot like red wine.
  2. Looks good to me.. Pretty crystals.. Nice hairs.. Big nugs.. Looks delicious!
  3. Looks like some type of Kush. Also looks good man smoke that shit up
  4. Looks like high grade, enjoy
  5. Grade A man. Pat yourself on the back because you're a winner.

  6. Agreed. Looks real nice.

    Not many times that someone unexperienced gets the hookup from their dealer on a daily basis (most just want to take advantage of them). But that just shows you know the right dude or live in the right area :)
  7. You gonna smoke it or what?

  8. It's baking right now.
  9. Quality

    "Skinny kush"
  10. Looks good op.
  11. it looks almost like this blackberry/og kush i used to get. whatever it is, it definitely looks like some good.
  12. Grade B+ , A- Deffinetely some decent smoke. so I agree with most, your a winner! Haha enjoy your buddha buddy
  13. looks like you pulled that shit from a lepercons ass

    hahah joking man looks like some good dope, purple kush?
  14. 9/10 if it's flushed, dried and cured correctly. That's dannnnnk! :hello:
  15. That's some pretty dank bud.
  16. grade a or maybe a high grade b.Looks dank man,got yourself some good trees
  17. It looks like absolute shit. I wouldn't smoke it if you payed me to. In fact, why don't you just send it to me, so I can "dispose" of it for you...



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