What positive effects has MJ had on your life?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JohnnyOnTheSpot, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Since I started MJ i've become more motivated to excel in life.
    I've started working more, started doing my homework more and taking more classes and passing them, im looking for a car to buy soon and am going to start being a freelance graphics designer. MJ has been very positive on my life, it gives me the motivation to start being more creative and live my life better. So please tell me how has MJ been positive in your life?
    Have you gotten better grades? have you gotten better jobs? have you lost or gained weight? Has it improved your life? has it improved you coping with an illness? please id like to hear.
  2. CAREFUL!! You know how it is here, certain people like to snitch to mods and get brownie points which they wont get.

    MJ? Positive?

    To many to name, im way more in to drawing now that I've smoked weed. Im into helping people out at the homeless shelter. Weed just helps me be a better person you know?

    Graphics designer? That's really cool.
  3. made me think more. i dont know if its a good or a bad thing though
  4. it makes every activity you do more enjoyable. when it's nice out, I'll take a huge rip out of the bong and then walk the 2 miles downtown to class instead of taking the bus.
  5. I much more understanding of other people's perspectives, and I now have a dream to aspire to, something I never had before.
    All and all, it saved me from a life of mediocrity. :D
  6. weed saved my life man. my life was nothing, with no joy, no purpose. i was thinking about suicide because i was not happy with anything and i didnt know why. first couple times i smoked, i was able to look at my life from a third-person perspective and i saw everything in my life that was wrong.

    its not like i smoked and suddenly everything was magically ok, but it definitely helped me look at things differently and be able to be proactive in changing my life.
  7. this one isnt mine but, my friends bro was a green beret and just got back from Afghanistan. He entered the National Guard and started to smoke weed. his unit was called back up but he couldnt shipout with them but instead the guard unit. he failed his piss test and got the boot. he said that shit saved his life cuz thos guard guys would hav gotten him killed.
  8. to be honest not much

    it hasn't made me any friends
    i can never get any

    but i like it it makes me alot less anxious and im not an asshole when i do got it
  9. Among other things, most importantly cured my depression, and motivated me to start painting again.
  10. It has relaxed be beyond belief. I used to be really nervous all the time and uptight. I am no longer either of those things. It has given me tons of new friends which is awesome. It has relieved countless amounts of stress. It has causes countless fun days/nights. I love mary jane. :smoking:
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    exactly, this is how it made me feel too.
    now I wasnt suicidal really but I was very unmotivated and lazy and then weed helped me see it from a 3rd person perspective.

    good stuff guys, keep it comin

    Yah i used to be pretty uptight too but it has helped me be just a cooler person all around, it has also helped me be more adult. I question things and my surroundings. I dont just go through life blind and naive now.

    good dude, its motivated me to get back into designing and into working man. Weed is the best man.
  12. Helps me sleep for one. My mind usually races uncontrollably and I can't sleep because of it. Helps me think outside the box to. For example, Yesterday at work the power kept going on and off. I'm the I.T. Manager for a Window Manufacturing company so there is quite a bit that can go wrong when this happens. Well, eventually servers started fucking up, along with the phone system, random computers, etc. At first I was getting stressed because everything was going wrong and everyone wanted everything fixed at the same time, but there were alot of weird little problems (those things computers do for no goddamn rhyme or reason sometimes, you know). Well, I eventually said "Fuck it", went outside, took four or five hits, came back in and all my stress was gone. I was also able to look at these problems from a different perspective and solve every damn one of them.

  13. damn dude!
    more power to ya fool, good stuff. Thats how it should be done man.
  14. Why thank you Dude. That's why I think those TRUTH ad's on the gamer magazines are funny as hell. "There aren't many jobs for stoners" is the slogan....hehe.
  15. Honestly it's done a lot in my life, looking back I was the most anal person around. I didn't know how bad I was. It's made me more relaxed, more open and understanding of others. I've been more successful in my bodybuilding sport. It's opened up new prospective of thinking and lets me analyze truly who I am and what bothers me with a solution.

    It's made me more social in communication with others, I've done more things and become more motivated to achieve goals rather then day by day..

    Not under the influence when all these happen but overall what I get from it.. good question op.
  16. smoking has made me happier than ever! i smoke every weekend (so my tolerance is sorta lower, which is better) and get blitzed and just chill with my buddies. No medicine is better than laughing, except marijuana :smoke:
  17. 1. Cured me of depression
    2. Lets me entertain myself when life gets mundane
    3. Helped me to meet a ton of cool ass people
    4. Made me better in the sack
    5. Cured me of anxiety
    6. Helps me with abstract thinking
    7. great stress reliever
  18. Before I started smoking, I was a mean bitch. Seriously, I was the one that would set you straight and send you crying home to your mother for even looking at me funny. I used to get into a lot of trouble in school as well. Since I've started smoking, I've chilled out a lot, I get better grades, and I don't get into trouble. Also, a lot of people who were afraid to talk to me before actually find me approachable and nice now. :]
  19. I used to be an unsociable uptight, ignorant fool. Now I find myself talking to people I don't really know with ease. Find myself being more original with art, and I have done nothing but get better at drawing at an exponentially quickened rate.

    I am such a beast at drawing now...its making me want to learn some instruments too.

  20. Thats very good, and who said weed isnt productive? weed is the best for productiveness you just need to try and be.

    A fine example of how MJ has made ones lifes better!
    sounds awesome keep toking.

    And to let everyone know, I made this thread for two reasons.
    To see how MJ has been positive in your life and to show others who are Anti-MJ that it's actually quite the opposite.

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