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What piece gives you the most "Bang For Your Buck" / is your fav (why?)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KetsumiMD, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I used to have a piece and it was chill cuz it was so easy to carry around and it got me high, and I feel J's waste bud and I only do J's or blunts in groups cuz its pretty chill to pass cuz its always lit. I've hit steamrollers, bongs, J's, blunts, ghetto waterfall bongs / gravitys and by far the best imo is steamroller and for everyday use a piece cuz its so easy.

    Now this is my real question: What piece do you get the most out of your weed from? For example, if you had a G, would you get higher with that G from a bong, a steamroller, a bubbler, a bowl, etc. Also what are peoples prefences and why? Thanks guys! :smoke:
  2. bongs and bubblers. pipes are a great way to relax

    cant go wrong with good glass.

    i get the most stoned when i suppliment my bowls with small amounts of hash in the center.

    something to think about
  3. ditto.

  4. sry i didnt see the why at the end of the post.

    i enjoy waterpipes and bongs with ice because of the effects of water on the smoke. in addition, its nice to know that the stuff making your water dirty isnt going into your lungs.

    joints and blunts put a lot of good weed in the air in my opinion. they are absolutely worth it in circumstance, but i rarely find myself binging on the things these days.

    glass conserves, while allowing for ease comfort and style.

    plus chicks dig the long bong :D

  5. haha word. i broke my old bowl i think i might go out and buy one tomorrow just wondering if it was worth it instead of carrying this rather large steamroller in my backpocket when i go out (lol)
  6. if there is a nice bong around, i will pack up a nice bowl.
    but since i dont have one, my first choice is rolling a blunt.
  7. i have a mini pocket sized bubbler i got for 25 bucks. very efficient, very portable, and rips like a champ.

    best piece ever.
  8. Waterfall if I am by myself and want to get really high, otherwise just a normal glass spoon.
  9. One hitters will get you highest off the smallest amount of weed imo.
  10. I also use my regular spoon as a one-hitter if I'm running low and don't want to lose any smoke from a big bowl. Mine works better than most for that though since the hole isn't very big...
  11. most Defintnly you will want to get a sweet bowl that you can carry around in your pocket, and they conserve weed well.

    Also, "Bats" or "Straight Shooters", are very conceacble and conserve weed like no other. Another plus is you can basically smoke them anywhere because they are disguised as ciggs.
  12. The answer is Vaporizers people. Vaporizers.
  13. Vaporizers are bomb i agree, if you need to get high off one g id say a grav bong, cause they conserve the most and are like a kick in the face when you hit em.
  14. Make a ghetto lightbulb vape. They really conserve weed.
  15. Id have to say the mini bubbler, ive got a mini sherlock and its completely portable and rips as well, best purchase i have ever made
  16. A glass on glass bong...preferably with a perc.

    But water in general gives you the most bang for your buck in general imo.
  17. Vapes give me the most "Bang for the buck" fallowed by Bongs...
  18. I actually get the best high/most out of my weed with my home made pieces. I actually really like my bucket bong when I'm low on mj, just because it can get an insane amount of smoke from a tiny bit of bud. Plus, when I'm not too lazy to chill the water, it hits very nicely.
  19. With Maryjane i only think of the 4 B's

    and of course bitches lol

    but any other way is a waste man a big blunted out high is nice but nothing beats the smoothness of a nice hand blown piece or even a very nice factory made water pipe
  20. Bang for the buck?

    My ex-gf / current friend. She's down after 2 bong hits and a bootleg DVD.

    Oops, wrong bang for the buck.

    My most efficient piece is my homemade volcano. Most people get toasted from $1-2 worth of dank.

    There's nothing like a yellow-smoke hash-hit from a bong though. It feels like I'm tripping for a few minutes.

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