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  1. so im eligible for an early upgrade and my phone is shitting the bed so im looking to get a new smartphone (blackberry, droid, htc, palm pre) and i wanted peoples opinions in the top phones that verizon wireless has
  2. I would say blackberry, but honestly man keep this site to questions or posts about
    marijuana and not the latest electronic craze! Im sure there are sites for phone forums..
  3. were in general brah^ I'd say go droid.
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  5. A blackberry makes more sense from a large business standpoint with the extra security protocols, but for Verizon phones, the Android smartphones are probably the best option.

    If I were to get a new smartphone for myself (I wish, got another four months to consider), I'd get either the Droid X or the Samsung Galaxy (Fascinate@Verizon). The Droid X seems to be the best well-rounded phone they offer so far. The Galaxy does perform better but it suffers from a lower-than-average battery life. Most other Android phones like the Omnia II, Ally, and Incredible are decent at a lower price.
  6. i got the incredible for verizon and i love it. i chose it over the droid x because i didnt want that big thing in my pocket. btw dont choose a blackberry over htc and get an htc made phone instead of motorola, much better quality
  7. I went from Blackberry to and HTC EVO.. . . If you are simply concerned with emails and business use go with Blackberry. HTC is professional and nice quality, and Android is amazing, it is definitely a FUN phone(but I still get my business done). I can do anything on the internet on my phone, it is like a mini laptop, I'm always watching movies on it.

    There are TONS of great phones out there, I would just decide which works best for you and go for it, don't buy "what everyone wants", buy what works best for you.

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