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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weedboss, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Hearing all this vaccum phobia has given me a idea to post a thread on everyones phobias i personally got a phobia of bursting ballons they make me shit scared and i go act like a little sissy girl no bullshit guys its true so let's all open up and discuss...
  2. potentially lethal heights... doesn't take more than 5-6 meters. i've learned to control it (have to in my occupation), but whenever i get back on the ground, i get dizzy and need a cigg to calm my nerves.

    the smell of ammonia, but that's a long story.


    umm, that's it. spiders and snakes are cute!
  3. i have a huge phobia of spiders. as soon as i see one, it's gotta go. not now but right now!

    aliens, lol i know weird but i am terrified of em. i've seen ufo's 3 times and the last one was the scariest. but that's a different story.

    and heights, i can barely go on a step ladder. lol.
  4. the dark... i hate it so much, scares the living fuck outta me!
  5. spiders...even daddy long legs

    germs...bacteria, really

    bridges...i did overcome that one but it might be back

    slightly uninflated tires...tires that look low
  6. cops, wether im doing something illegal or not.

  7. spiders give me the eeebeeejebeees!!!!!! man they drive me crazy!!!

    ~ did u know an average person will eat about 10 spiders in thier sleep!!! in 1 persons life........freaks me out.
  8. allright, since talk spiders here..and
    ever have a white spider on you??

    i remember, I had a white spider, looked most like a daddy albino, but talk about FREAKED out. anyone ever see thees things before?? eeeeewie!!
  9. no but once i popped one of those bubbley lookin ones. huge thing! ahhhhhh. eeeeewwwww, gotta stoop this aaa.
  10. spiders, insects
    and slimy shit
    oh yea, and close spaces, and no air
    oh yea, and not being able to move

    thats all i htik
  11. i'm scared off hights,flying(i.e planes because humans can't fly) and i have a strange phobia with a cool name, can't remember what it was tho. but its a fear of being forgotten :p
  12. snakes and heights...
    heights came when i saw my toddler son once stick his head through a balcony rail on the 4th story of a hotel,...my very first panic attack
    and i still dont like the phone. infact i hate it.
  13. uh it might just be me but....CLOWNS MAN, damn crazy as laughing weird, smelling funny, face painted clowns. ever since i ran into one in the dark. i mean good god its scary.
  14. im scared to death of the ocean.. i wont fly over it, wont sail in it, and definitely will not swim in it. just thinking of all the stuff that lurks beneath the surface that would love to eat me kind of intimidates me. when youre a human swimming in the ocean, youre basically at the ocean lifes mercy. maybe i just watched jaws too much as a little kid. i also dont like lakes and stuff because ive been bitten by quite a few fish, even on the nipple once. damn that sucked!

    john wayne gacy.. yes he was one crazy mother fucker if i do say so myself.
  15. Nobudiphobia - the fear of being outta weed
    Schwagiphobia - the fear of buying and/or smokin' shitty weed

    But really, the only thing i'm scared of is having my hands superglued to my nuts, actually happened to me one time, i was workin' on my desk with some superglue and my right nut was itchy, so without thingking, i reached down to scratch my sack and my fingertip got slightly glued to my shizzle. I yanked my hand away before i REALLY got glued up and just a lil drop that did get glued hurt like a mofo when i yanked it.

    Whenever i work with siperglue now i make sure i got some shorts on.

  16. Yea...heights is a biggie for me..if im on a roof or somthin and there is potential for fallage...yea.
  17. spiders, bugs, snakes, the dark, stepping on glass, ghosts, i hate balloons popping too,
  18. i love the dark. i am most active in the night, like a raccoon.:D, something about it seems so peaceful. oh, and i'm scared of green water.:p
  19. i get totally freaked when im in a room with a mirror in the dark. fucking scary. mirrors are passage for ghosts and evil spirits and all kinds of backwards mirrored non earthly shit.

    if i lookinto a mirror in the night, ill seriously just start yelling. i couldnt tell yuo why. its just fucking terrifying. since i was a little boy.

  20. That's aiight then Rumjil be my biatch then :D

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