what pets do u got?

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  1. Ive got a 5 year old rottweiler and a 4 year old pitbull both boys. they get into as much trouble as they did when they were pups....wicked fun to be round when your high as they are as mad as i am :p :eek: :smoke:

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  2. I have 1 cat and 4 kittens... soon down to 1 cat and 1 kitten.

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  3. I got a blue eyed queensland heeler i'll see if I can get pics up later
  4. i got a one year old minature all white female boxer havent smoked with her yet think shes still to young. Then i have leopard geckos in my room where i smoke i think they get high. Only when i smoke they run into the glass or just like lay upwards against the glass and claw on it and stuff its mad weird and they eat a lot when i smoke y idk lol. Soon hopefully getting bout 5 bearded dragons which will be cool to have around and to play with while smoking and such.
  5. I've got a bunch of fish. Some Danios, Tetras, and a pair of Convicts :) No pics though... Sorry...
  6. i have two cats, shadow and sassy
  7. I'm gonna be getting a blue tongued skink this week. I can't wait.

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  8. 3 legged cat named tripod...
  9. LOL.

    Everyones pictures of their cats are awesome. I have two cats myself but they need to fucking chill out, they're crazy. They're pissed all the time. I have this one orange one that, the last time I picked him up he started shaking, so I put him down and he fell over on his side hissing and then stood up, still shaking and trotted off. It was hilarious, but damn he's got anger issues.

    Next time I'm home and I have weed I plan on getting them high.
  10. I've got one dog. He's a pomeranian, but he is fat as hell. His name it Otto but everyone calls him Cat. He's really lazy and gets into so much shit. He'll eat my friends cigarettes and shit. Haha he's awesome. Oh and everybody, nice pics. And rottwielerpit, your pitbull looks really evil. I had a friend with a pitbull and we would get him high and he would always get a red rocket and try to bone something (or someone).

    Jah Bless
  11. OMMG tokens dog looks like alf the alien man thats awsome
  12. i got a sloppy fat yellow lab named grace and i love her too much:) i dont think she likes bud too much though:(
  13. i got a rottie his name is chopper
  14. i have a black cat with white armpits
  15. i got 3 dogs 1 cat 1 bird
  16. got a large white lab that acts like a stoner but obviously has never been high
  17. great pix man,my m8 has 2 snow bengals cats they are so hype they have wreked a set of castle speakers worth a grand they are made of real oak which is good but the woofers never stood a chance no matter what your pet does wrong u still love um.. i hate people that have diffrent pets all the time and get rid of them when there bored with them......no matter if u got no money no weed/drugs your pet will give u the same love regaurdless... a human is not as relieable as that.....! if your pet is around u when your smoking thats cool but people the force there pet to in hail weed i think is twisted so plz dont post pics of animal neglect!!
  18. herbsman420 that pic is a lil evil of my pit,he was in the mix of jumping for a tree branch my dogs are mad they jump up for a tree branch and attack it to fuck lol i think its testostron or summut,my rottweiler is typical rott he dont like straingers, passers buy, bikes etc but he is like soft butter when with family and friends(he knew from a pup) my pit is quite friendly with straingers and he will walk off with any of my friends lol but other dogs umm.. he never attacks first he likes a bit of ruff play but if a dog snaps at him he goes mental,so i treat both my dogs the same,i dont trust them with straingers or other dogs and i think that makes me a good owner of these breads as i would hate to see a dog being attacked,or a human....unless there were fucking with me (i.e) breaking into my house or car etc. i take my dogs for walks in quite places so they can run and play with out the worry of other people and there dogs i dont think people shouldnt own these breeds if u dont have knolage or respect of the dog,a friend of mine is a friend of my dog!

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