What other forums do you visit and which one(s) do you consider best?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Hi members of Grasscity.com,

    In our ever ongoing attempt to make our boards better,bigger, smarter and bolder.....

    I'm interested to know what boards do you visit next to grasscity, and if you do, how do they compare to grasscity in content, usaubility etc?

    Also what is you like the most about grasscity, what the least and what would you like to see added to the features of our boards, both in content or functionality?

    Bring it on and we'll take it from there.

    Thanks for your input

    SJ and the admin team.
  2. I don't. I have accounts on many forums but aside from a small one that some old friends and I share I only spend time here. Other places I might visit once every few months at most, and mostly just lurk as I lurked here for a long time.

    As for other cannabis sites, none of them have GC beat on software features. Some of them have a lot better signal to noise ratio but that's a function of the size of the City. With this many users the trolls are bound to show up as well.
  3. GC is my ideal, I had used rollitup.org and hydrocanna but neither really compared. The only thing that I didn't like here is that we couldn't have "chat threads" such as 'just write what's on your mind' but I understand why. I just think as others have pointed out it makes a lot of unnecessary threads come about.

    I also can't buy a gold membership I duno if it is because my visa is not doing international but usually it does but I was just kind of wondering how long other form of payments take because I've tried relentlessly and my card info just won't take.

    Sorry that last bit was a bit of a tangent.

    Overall I love the community love the site and it functioning superbly well, works really great on my phone too :D
  4. This has been my main message board since I signed up here. I was thinking about joining another forum I found that is other drug friendly so I can still get info and post about those things.

    Out of all the other sites I have seen that have similar content, Grasscity is the best imo because it has a larger member base and the threads and posts seem more informative and experienced. I also enjoy the age limit because it does a pretty good job at keeping the boards civil and mature.

    I cannot really think of anything I don't particularly like, but maybe adding a couple more perks for becoming a paid member would be a good idea because it could persuade more members (me included lol) to donate.
  5. I'm part of a private message board and The Rogan Board (Joe Rogan).

    I usually just lurk here. This board is niche, but it's the best of it's kind.
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    I have accounts at several other sites. some I like and some I don't but there is a reason for each account. I like this site because it's so damn friendly that rarely does 1 feel like a noob. ;) the only down side is most people here don't seem to do a lot of growing so I go to other sites for most of my advanced grow info. but don't get me wrong this site has info but it just doesn't seem like a high priority.

    you must be doing something right I'm here everyday.:wave:

    http://www.highgrade-seeds.com/cgi-bin/forums/YaBB.cgi < where I get seed

    //www.icmag.com/ic/ < grow info
  7. I have logins at a few other popular cannabis sites...mostly for making searches easier. I do post often on my local NORML's board. A few ski and car forums I post on use the vBulletin software, but GC's features are light years ahead of the pack.
  8. DMT-Nexus
    Pandora's Box
  9. i mainly post on gc because its a very active board and u get replies fast. other sites that i visit lack something be it either moderation of threads or general upkeep of the forum.
  10. The bodybuilding.com forums...

    You guys have a very similar layout.
    What I like about GC, it's easy to navigate and easy to read. And this community is really down to earth. I wasn't feelin' the new temporary layout...I dunno why...it was kinda hard to navigate and kinda hard on my eyes. I like contrast and simplicity. Makes it easy to read. But yeah this current layout is perfect...
  11. This is the only forum I have an account with/frequent..

    What I like about GC is the layout,vibe, the blades,admins,etc.. pretty much everything about this place..

    The only thing I would want to see added to GC would be more smileys, but apart from that it's all good with me..:gc_rocks:
  12. I go to others, but ones that you probably dont want me to post. The only thing I like different is the different topics discussed, and the close-knit community. We have already been over the certain topics, and its not like you can ban everyone.

    GC is still by far the best. The respect many of us give to each other, and the overwhelming good vibes on the forums always make this place the best. Sadly it does seem more and more are bringing the place down sometimes. At least you have wonderful mods to help this problem. :)
  13. I don't visit any others, only if I need information about other drugs, before that it was all GC.

    I'd like to see as mentioned before a chat box for us to get our chat on :D

    And maybe give the box another shot.. but neither of those will ever happen.
  14. Bluelight.ru is the only other forum I am a member of. Grasscity has a better (simpler) layout. The sense of community is also the high point of GC.

    Bluelight is set up in a harm reduction/scientific manor. I really like this approach. I'm not expecting GC to turn into bluelight though :)

    Add more smiles! :D
  15. :gc_rocks: why would i go to any other forum?

    this place is home!

    sorry i dont have any tec suggestions?but i really dont go anyplace elts?
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    concept art forums


    bodybuilding forums

    I cant really compare two forum's well because i use them for diffrent purposes. Usually i am found on GC tho.

    I do like the Misc part of Bodybuilding tho haha

    where we can just talk about anything... hint hint ;)
  17. Another note, I like the colors formatting. Some have a dark background, with light color font. it Makes my eyes hurt after a while, and the words become all wavy.

    That's another reason I don't visit those sites as much.
  18. Most of my other forums are firearms related. None of them allow any sort of opinionated discussions outside of 2A issues (politicians, religion, race, drugs, etc.). They can be pretty boring, but I only go for the relevant information anyway.

    As for usability, GC is by far the best. The other ones are way harder to navigate.

    Content wise, GC cannot be beat. Aside from the rule about discussing other drugs (which I don't mind in the least, as I don't do them), we can talk about almost anything here. GC is also one of the few places where it's actually possible for the members to have a civilized discussion about heated issues, due to the extreme diversity of our members and mods.

    Overall, I think GC is just fine as it is. Not saying it couldn't be improved, just that I don't find fault in the current setup.

    Thanks for everything SJ!

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