What % of the people that post here are blazed at any given moment?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Out of all the people actively on here at a time, like now, what % of the people browsing or posting do you think are blazed?
  2. I'd guess anywhere from 65/70% to 90%.......cause i see posts about people being dry and shit....so there's no way 100% of us could be blitzed if people are comlaining of being dry.......which reminds me....i need to pick up more bud hahaha just finished my last bowl!! :bongin:
  3. i just copd some last night im good for awhile...and i am blitzed most the day so yea im high wehn i come on here
  4. I ate four firecrackers, im posted.
  5. im fried right now !!!! im hungry.. but i aint going into town right now.????

    allthough taco- bell does sound good !!!!!!:cool:
  6. chicken- i know what u mean by not wantin to drive in to town to get some food that shit sucks where i was at over the summer it took 15-20min to get to a gas station/fast food
  7. 90-95% of the time, fire one up and check how you guys and gals are doin...

    Peace all

  8. im pretty gone throughout the day...i have to be high before coming on here...or smoking...why would i want to read about weed and weed related shit, when im not high or getting high?...that would make me go snap a bowl real quick
  9. Im Highhhhhhhhhh.
  10. I been smokin that kryptobismol.
  11. Me Biotches!

  12. :smoking: you know i stay on that fl crippie.....funny never heard it kryptobismol
  13. Ive probably never been on gc when not stoned. Its not very much fun to talk about weed when your not high on it.
  14. I'm gonna say 120 %. thats right. Thats how fucking stoned GC is, we can go above 100% stonedness.
  15. I'd say lately (meaning the past few months) I've only been baked about 50% of the time while visiting The City.

    I think you'd be suprised.

    I'd guess about 65%-70%

    Think of all the people who are dry, out of money, probation, etc.
  16. uhh not me wooohooo yeee mo fuggas half ounces anjoyin it rite now uhhh
    smoked a bong vbowl here went out side n burnddde a joint fo sho
    hi as a mofo
  17. im bakked right now

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