What objects have you tried to light your bowl with?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by killapse, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Totally out of it, many times I'll grab an object and hold it up to the nice bowl of weed I have packed, only to realize, I can't light this bowl with my cell phone.

    Or my guitar pick.

    And sometimes I just pass random things to my girlfriend when she's totally out of it instead of the lighter to see her try to light it.. haha!
  2. I once tried to lite a blunt with my keys and I was wonderin' why I wasn't smelling blunt paper burning for a few seconds, then I realized I was using my keys lol
  3. ive tried to light it with another bud. after i realized what i had done, i laughed my ass off.
  4. I was pissed when my remote wouldn't light the bowl. It was right next to the lighter :p
  5. my finger
  6. The opposite side of my Bic. "Why isn't this button working?!":p
  7. Not sure if anyone has had this problem before, but, ever had identical colored Bics (2, or more) and just ONE of them was empty, and since you were,or are, to lazy to toss it, REPEATEDLY grab the empty bic to try an light a bowl?

    I have this problem occasionally. But i'd say losing my bics lately has been the biggest problem.

    One time I tried to light a bowl, while high, looked up after i took a massive rip, and I had unconsiously lit a cig. wtf. i thought it was the spoon for about 4 seconds. :hello:
  8. I've also many times tried to light the lighter, with the bowl.

    AND thinkin back, there were a few times I tried to light my beer with a lighter.
  9. haha ive done that many times. or sometimes i would make it look like ill be holding a lighter and try lighting it eventho theres nothing in my hand
  10. Went through 1,2,3 empty bic lighters and then my bro handed my something to light the bowl, tried to light it and realized I'm trying to light a bowl with a phone lol
  11. I work at a film studio and I lit a blunt with a high powered light. I felt like fuckin MacGuyver :metal:
  12. an unlit cigarette. (joint)
    a different bowl. (bowl)
    probably a lot more

    also... has anyone ever tried to light a bowl and then realize you set it down? happens to me all the time
  13. uncooked spaghetti. it worked too.
  14. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaqhahahahahahhahahah this make me laugh intensely
  15. To OP: what kinda guitars you have?
  16. hahahaha ive done the phone thing many a time, ive tried to light my bowl with a sploof one night when i was baked outta my mind in my room
  17. Lol yeah i know exactly what you mean, i never throw away my empty lighters. At my old place i used to have a lighter graveyard on my desk that had a good 30 or so bics
  18. Ive tried to light my pipe with everything from a bottle of eyedrops to my car keys.

    But, my best moment, is when i packed a bowl into the hole on my clipper lighter. I had a big wtf moment tryin to figure that one out :p
  19. haha kul thread, i dont remember using any weird things but soo many times ive gone to light it and i'll think im holding the lighter the rong way round so i'll switch it round in my hand, and realise the way i had it before was right, so il switch it again, and be like WHAAAT! its the rong way round still! i always do that and just end up spinning it around like 10 times before i light it.

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