What nutrients should I use?

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  1. Could everyone please give me a bit of advice about what nutrients I should use. The medium is SPECIAL MIX LIGHT. It's a mix of Perlite, Coco Coir, Clay & Some other stuff. I am in week 2 of veg. Thanks in advance.

    Another question. I have 3 plants in my tent, one is about 10 inches tall, one have only just sprouted from seed and the third still haven't come through ( been waiting 8 days ) still no sign!
    The question I have is, when I change the light schedule to 12/12 what do I do with the smaller plant? I've been confused about this for the last week! Also before you ask, no, I don't have another light unfortunately!


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  2. veg them all up to 12 to 16 inches and then begin flowering you have 2 plants at different stages so you have to pick . Also that plant isn't 10 inches looks more like 6-8 ...the soil where the seed didn't come through looks waterlogged. you need to invest in decent lighting if you want to flower and yield something.
    the part of the mix that you say clay and something else.? that could be a problem down the road as "something else" can be anything ...and anything isn't good for flowering cannabis. never give seedling stage nutrients...the big one you have does look like it wants feeding. there are a ton of options ..I would go to your local hydro store and ask what they have and check back to the forums. good luck..

    get a ph pen and an ec pen while your there. make sure your runoff ph is in the right range for soil (6.5-7.2) the one looks OK for now ..but that will change if not kept up with ...


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