What Nutrients should I use for hydro grow???

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  1. Hi I am new to growing using hyrdoponics. I am going to be using an Ebb and Flow system in flowering room and a drip system for vegitative. I am wondering what nutrients I should use for each stage of growth. Ive been reading and everyone seems to say that it all depends well thats not helping me I at least need to know what I should start with then adjust from there and Im not sure where to start. Im looking for what nutrients and how much i should use in veg and flowering. I am growing white widow clones. and a 400 wt hps light.
  2. Umm you might want to clarify if your looking for organics or not.

    if not

    I suggest General Hydroponics Flora, or FloraNova series

    Flora series is a 3 part ( micro,bloom, and veg) , and Flora-Nova series is a 2 part (veg, and bloom).

    I would actually suggest you get the Flora series, then only get the Micro, and Bloom. cheaper then the flora-nova series, and still keeps it to 2 bottles. but if you do decide to get the full 3 parts do yourself a favor, hit the store for some epsom salts on the way home.

    2 recipe's for GH nutes Flora series, used em both, and both work fine.

    I suggest the Lucas formula. don't worry about the "add-back method" ( bottom half of the page) till after a few grows. the first method "add & drain" is pretty hard to mess up.

    Lucas formula

    1-2-3 formula

    just my 2 cents

    PS I have heard plenty good about the FF ( Fox Farm) nutes, just no experiance to chime in with, but they are organic, so if thats what your looking, for it will atleast help ya search.

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