what nutrients do you run?

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  1. just wondering what you everyone uses for nutrients.. this run I have been using jungle juice which I am not very impressed with, so I plan to try out the an ph perfect 3 part or the seni 2 part. I use r.o.. water and grow in 8 gal bucket with about 6 gal of water. also if anyone is running indavidual buckets like I am , about what it your ml per gal of each like. example I did on my last change 5 gal to with 20 ml of each m/g/b and cal mag. thanks for your input peeps.
  2. I use the cheap, solid, 1-part fertilizer Greenleaf Megacrop in hydro from seed to harvest, and nothing else.
    No bloom nutes, teas, elixirs, etc.
    The plants love it, and miss none of those other things.
  3. Bloodmeal, fish fertilizer and superbloom.
  4. Only really get over 10ML-25ML with calcium and magnesium; rest of nutes during bloom and veg really stay within the 2ML-10ML per 5 gallon jug.

    Rarely have any nute burn unless it’s a new strain I’m dialing in. Don’t ever flush either and my smoke is clean. Not interested in running a ton of nutes so I can just flush em all out at end of harvest..

    And I haven’t used an A + B that I can truly say is much better than someone else’s A + B as of yet.
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  5. i just finished a soil grow with humbolt secret a&b with golden tree,really was good stuff,nice and clean using it plants loved it.
    so with the clones from those plants i went cheap,went to home depot got a bottle of moribloom 0-10-10 by alaska,then got a bottle of fish hydroslate by neptune harvest 2-3-1 and that all im using in my coco,damn plants are almost out of control,hahaha.
    i really think this is gonna be my route for a while
  6. AN's too expensive. When u get around to learning the requirements, you will learn how to mix your own nutes. I've been playing with Plant Products MJ line which is inexpensive, but I haven't got them to work in hydro, just in DTW so far. In hydro, I've been having success with Holland's Secret, Future Tech, which is economical enough for me. Flora Three part would be my next goto. There are many recipes that use 3-part in their mixtures I can send to you if you like.
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  7. Dutch nutrient formula A + B grow and bloom base nutes

    Cal max for extra calcium magnesium

    Carburetor sugars

    Dutch nutrient formula “diamond” for stimulating root growth and increasing flower size, use in conjunction with the base nutes, every 2nd feed for my liking though

    Dutch nutrients “black” I only use this during veg though.

    Dutch nutrients “growth burst” only during veg also

    - also a bloom fortifier 0-50-30 after buds develop , at half strength.

    PH balance after mixing feed

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  8. Week 6.5 flower , flipped on feb 7th


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  9. I run gh maxi grow and bloom on some of my dwc buckets and AN ph perfect 3 part on others but the only difference in choice is what I grow in the different nutes lol I use AN for small veggie plants and GH for large veggie plants and canna plants... AN is just more complicated cause I have to convert Ltr to gal and I prefer powder over water weight
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  10. Emerald harvest has a really good line. One of guys who started advanced nutes went out on his own and created emerald harvest..very similar to advanced with a couple tweeks. I've run its few times both soil and hydro, if not using a supersoil I run the harvest.
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  11. I was thinking about trying diamond. Already use the grow a+b and bloom a+b. New grower so I'm taking it slow lol. Do you notice a big difference using diamond as well as the base nutes ?

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  12. MegaCrop!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
  13. is there an easy way to make a soil with nutes in it? like I dont want to compost it just mix and go.
  14. Do you find from your experience with DN base nutes only , that your grow will start showing some def’s / yellowing of fan leaves after buds develop? Around week 4 or 5 of flip to 12-12....I am referring to using the base nutrients you listed only , if that is all you run.

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  15. I find that before I started using the other nute’s on top of the base nutrients my yields were drastically lower, I have a homegrown hydroponics shop local to where I live , and I have accepted a lot of the advice they have given me , and DN is their store in house line up.

    Using a bloom fortifier will drastically increase your yields if applied at the proper time of flower cycle.

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  16. I would highly recommend you pick up a bottle of the other useful nutes in their line up , the growth burst, black, and diamond are not very expensive at all compared to other brands. You would not be disappointed with the results... I PH all my feed to 6.4 - 6.7

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