what nutes should i be using?week5flowering??

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    I recently purchused trio foxfarm open seasame. beastiebloom .chaching.humboldt ginormous.ducecuce..and advancednute bigbud powder..NEED HELP USING THEM ANY SUGGESTIONS WEN TO USE ? OR WICH ONES TO USE AM I MISSING SUMTHIN?????:confused:
  2. I use foxfarm nutes as well. I have the original trio though, Grow Big, Big bloom, Tiger Bloom. Also, I do purchase Cha Ching from the second trio line, it work wonders.

    During flower I use Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Cha Ching. Give's real nice, fat, plumpy ass buds.

    as for when to use them? it depends.

    I usually stay at 3/4 strength, and feed them every other watering.
    If your at full strength, I wouldnt suggest feeding for more than once a week
  3. haha i dont know a damn thing about nutes
  4. you should stick with one line of nutrients and just follow the feeding chart or bottle if not you will just be wasting time and money your call
  5. Aite thanks for replys!!!!
  6. Whats better humboldt nutes or foxfarm????
  7. I would honestly just stick to the foxfarm. I'de get the original trio as well if I were you.

    Tiger bloom, big bloom, cha ching = gnarly buds
  8. What he said^^
  9. Ait hav u tried tha other foxfarm nutes dr
  10. i havent used beastie bloom of open sesame ... i only use the original trio and cha ching from the second trio.

    there many growers on here that do though, do a quick search for it to see how people like it
  11. How do you mean3/4 strength? As in three quarter nutes and one quarter water? Thankya bud
  13. [quote name='"EL DANK HUNTER"']2 words: ADVANCED NUTRIENTS[/quote]

    What advance nutes u use??/

  14. I use Advanced Nutrients base 3 part fertilizer (micro,grow,bloom) for vegging and for flowering, I use my 3 part along with Bud Candy and Big Bud.
  15. [quote name='"EL DANK HUNTER"']

    I use Advanced Nutrients base 3 part fertilizer (micro,grow,bloom) for vegging and for flowering, I use my 3 part along with Bud Candy and Big Bud.[/quote]

    So during fower u use da 3part plus bud cangy amd big bud
  16. no no no no no.

    if the bottle says 4 teaspoons, i only put 3

    if the bottle says 8 teaspoons, i only put 6.

    3/4 the recommended feeding - its per gallon of water
  17. Yes sir, exactly like dat.
  18. Well, I wished I had found this thread sooner! I can tell you from personal experience that you don't want to OVERNUTE your plants. My leaves browned up so bad I thought the light was burning them! After I went back to cfl's, my plant still looked like she was burning up. I bought a soil test kit and while the ph was about 6.5, the nitrogen was way too much! I flushed my plant with the three gallons of water to one gallon of dirt, (which is a lot of fun with a scrog) and didn't give her anything till she got dry and then only water. However, It still looks like all the leaves are getting brown and crusty. I am going to test the soil again and most likely flush again.
    Since I am a month into flower, can I save my plant and still get a good harvest? Should I return it to the vegative state? I started this way back in September, and since this was my first attempt at growing, everything I learn is good for the future of this weed needing cat!
  19. thanks re; the feeding strength now i know a bit better for next time. still learning the sight im going to try to post some of my progress in the begginer thread thanks again

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