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What now mom?!?!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qazdawg, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Sooo I started smoking pot recently. I'm 18 but I still live with my parents, cost-effective ;D.

    My parents are SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER anti-pot. My mom ESPECIALLY.

    I RECENTLY started smoking.

    Grades went up from straight C's-D's to straight A's.
    I started spending TONS of time with my family.
    I started eating a lot, when normally I barely eat.
    I go outside and help out with stuff because I'm high and its refreshing.
    I sit outside and enjoy nature while high, while usually I'm on my xbox 24/7.
    I actually do other things than my xbox.
    I started listening to music and dancing with my sisters.
    I'm doing things without being told to.
    I got a job.

    So my mom came to talk to me today. She was like 'Son, WHAT'S UP with you..'
    Then she listed everything above. She was like 'what is going on?!?!'
    I was like..what do you mean. And she was like 'Its like you are a perfect child!!! Whatever you are doing, don't stop!'

    Hehe :cool:
  2. i wish i cud of done better in skool but i was high all the time i was to busy skippin or puttin my head down and not askin questions during class, if i wasnt to busy worried bout bein cuaght i wuda done way better... did u tell her u now smoke weed?
  3. now tell her all of this is the result of smoking pot
  4. hahaha you shoudlve said well i started smoking pot. Then she would take backe verything she said and ull be like are you serious? you just listed the benefits its having and only take it back because of your prejudice and ignorance about weed.

  5. Here comes the ban hammer.

    But cool story though; pretty neat.

  6. ....:confused: why wud he get banned
  7. ban hammer for what? he clearly stated he was 18.
  8. Hes a perfect Child at 18 according to his mom. Good job man.
  9. You sure showed that bitch
  10. It's not the bud that's doing this. Its you wanting to make a change with your life. Bud is not making you more active, get ahead in school, or get you a job. The rest I can understand.
  11. Well technically bud is a psycho-active drug, it might just be the motivation he needs to do what he's doing.
  12. enjoy the bud man.
  13. #13 ltmuffinmanca, Mar 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2012
    I really hope you're spelling like that on purpose. lol
  14. GTFO..

    Cool story OP. Did you tell her it was because you were smoking? You should tell her or at least wait a few months and see if she continues to praise you, then she tell her you've been smoking.

  15. just say "well since you already told me not to stop, i started smoking cannabis."
  16. I think your good for that congrats ! :_)
  17. I so wish weed helped my grades in high school...

    I'm jelly.
  18. [quote name='"ltmuffinmanca"']

    I really hope you're spelling like that on purpose. lol[/quote]

    Haha ya i do i like takin shortcuts

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