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What No One Wants to Know About Marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by F. Fontaine, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. This is very true. I saw a quote on someone's sig, forgot the guy who said it but he said something along the lines of, I can do anything I can do sober while high on marijuana, it's just that marijuana makes you ask "why" am I doing this? Which causes us not to do it after realizing that it probably doesn't benefit us.
  2. Good find man I enjoyed reading it, I like to think of myself (as I'm sure most of our members do) as a living testament to this fact.

    I've enjoyed a nice wake n bake before class just about every day, passing all of them with B's or above, and for reference I'm a Bioengineering major at UCSD in my senior year (and waiting to hear back for acceptance to UCSD's Graduate program) so its not like my classes have been easy.
  3. Cannabis should enhance your life, not be your life.
  4. This article is very true. You do learn to do things after awhile of practice, and you can do it just as well. And as for talking to people high, I do always feel like they'll know, and they never do. It's definitely all in your head. Good read.
  5. Bumpity, bumpity.
  6. most of the sources they use are 40 years old. if these were recent studies published in scientific journals it would hold a lot more influence
  7. Even though some of the sources may be outdated, I still feel the overall premise of the article is relevant.

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