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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by oldmantestes, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. okay, for those of you music buffs out there, when you are stoned what kinda music do you listen to? I am kinda partial to such bands as Tool, Meshuggah, and Primus, those are my top 3 bands, i listen to em cuz they are all fucked up. but what about you guys?

    And for those of you who want to know why my name is OldMantEstes, me and my palls used to play Warcraft III and we would try to make up the most perverse and sick screennames, like for example some of mine were Zitty_Urethra and Indian_Queef and my friend made one called IFistGeese, so anyway, i just kinda stuck with OldMantEstes cuz its memerable and its fucked up.
  2. Its all about fuckin electronica, and europen rap. Talking fucking Roots Manuva, New Flesh, Gamma, funki porcini, Jaylab (not european), Dizze Rascal, Tech N9ne (Not european), Ladytron, Antipop Consortium (Partially european) Aesop Rock, Trobiz, Dudley Perkins, GRoove Armada....

    omg, my head burns soo fucking bad. I did the biggest bowl to the dome..aaahha
  3. Go with the classics. Classic rock kicks ass.
    Funks pretty good and the blues are fucking awesome.
  4. Nine Inch Nails, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Dreamtheater, Nirvana, Sublime, Cake, Greenday, Oakenfold, Stone Temple Pilots, Steve Miller Band.......this list could go on forever.
  5. Basically what Namynam said. Especially the most stonery band of all, Pink Floyd. They're fuckin sick.:D
  6. celene dion, n'sync, britney spears, and byonce.
  7. phish, the dead, string cheese incident
  8. Phish, Pink Floyd, Bright Eyes, Bob Marley, Moe, Stringcheese Incident, Mars Volta, Jaco, Wooten, Hendrix, ect...
  9. First off, hello. I'm a frequent reader of the forum, but for some reason i've never posted. eh.
    Anyway, I saw this post and I knew it would be a perfect place for a shamless plug for a new band that is based out of little old West Virginia. They're called Bobaflex. They are a semi-national band that is trying to make the big time. The best way to describe them would be to call them a Melodic Metal band. Check them out at www.Bobaflexwarriors.com they have a link or two to a couple of their songs on their site. But for some reason they never seem to work. So if you are reall interested, you might be able to find a son or two on kazaa or whatever. If not, you can email me or let me know and ill send you their posted songs. And yes they don't care if you download their music, just as long as you know who they are. Also, an other shamless plug....if you look at their pictures page, on the two newest pics (top left) theres a nahndsome guy in a blue hoodie stoned outta his mind.) :)
    Oh, and yeah, Pink Floyd is bad ass t listened to while trippin or stoned lol.
    I'm Out.

  10. WOO!!! right on man!
  11. bone thugs n harmony, marley is alright....pretty much bone thugs n 3 6 mafia

  12. ..eww..
  13. been listening to atmosphere, eyedea and abilities, heiroglyphics, zion i, living legends, mf doom, sage francis, shit like that...
  14. dj screw, bob marley, peter tosh, high & mighty, wu-tang clan, color changin click, jedi mind tricks, rolling stones, dead kennedys, angry samoans, black flag. everyone needs to listen to dj screw if you havent already
  15. Im not gonna name any of the bands i listen to cuz most of them are local from pittsburgh. but they types of music is Punk, Thrash, Spastic Hardcore, Hardcore, Street Punk OI!, Horror Punk, Emocore, Screamo, Jam Bands, Reggae, Ska, Skacore, Techo, Trance, Bluegrass and the clasic stoner rock.

  16. good stuff. i most def stick to more underground stuff cuz when im stoned i totally (over)analyze anything and i cant stand listening to superficial synthetic crap (ie mainstream anything, particularly "rap"). i just see thru that shit and be like... wow this ish is retarded.

    but yea anyways i chill out with some marley, and trip out with some trip hop. ie dj shadow, rjd2, dj z-trip, amongst others. (actually not all that is trip hop, maybe i should say turntablism in general).

    slightly OT: winamp5 is pretty fuckin tight. the internet radio/tv rocks. if i wanna hear somethin new that's guaranteed niceness, i go to the turntablism genre under internet radio. i can turn any of those channels on and not bother about switching every 5 min. and now they integrated milkdrop (best visualization ever). winamp5 makes me happy yall

  17. You sir, are a SMART SMART man!! You must have hit up the Tool/Meshuggah tour in 02 right? It was fucking awesome. I hope you also saw Primus on their latest tour, they could never disappoint.
  18. Classic rock like beatles floyd etc. newr things like Tool. Marley for sure ben harper, and my Fav band by far is MarsVolta, they have the best sound out now, like a trippd out floyd. and i love trance and club

  19. yuuup im definitely diggin mars volta. very nice

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