What Music Do You Get Down To?

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    Simple enough question. Who or what do you listen to to get in the mood or during your frisky time with your lover? What gets the sheets damp and the bed creaking?

    For me, I will never forget a Saturday morning fueled by ecstasy and a Portishead CD on loop.

    Oh man, I'm aroused just hearing it.

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  2. These bands are what I listen to in the sack, and pretty much what I listen to in general:

    OAR, Primal Scream, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Portishead, and Uriah Heep
  3. pink floyd, joan osborne, sarah mclachlin, zeppelin or whatever is in the player
    when we happen to be in the mood :wave:
  4. Massive Attack's Angel is a bedroom must.
  5. no music except for my own. no need for any either. it's not like he'll be listening to it :rolleyes:
  6. I don't usually have music on. I like to hear every moan, slurp, and yelp. Lol.

    Although when I lived with my parents I used to play Pretty Ricky so they couldn't hear us. It was full of references to sex and eating pussy so I found it appropriate.
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    Owww owwww

    I've had godly sex to the thump of Shpongle's "My Head Feels Like a Frisbee"

    Kinkz, you should hunt down that song and try it for kicks. Trust me.

    for your convenience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnF_UarXv2Y
  8. I'm bumping this because almost no one responded to it and I know that more Blades out there must have a bedroom soundtrack.
  9. I usually don't get down to music,

    but i can tell you everytime there was music playing, it was sublime.

    Every fucking time.
    pun intended

  10. holy crap dude, that's badass, i love that latin style, merengue and salsa especially, that's sweet...it almost sounds like it's mixed with parts of tiesto's traffic, and maybe elements of life?
  11. smooth jazz with saxaphone as the lead instrument works well. No fusion though, my wife hates busy jazz. The group "FOURPLAY" is perfect for this mood setting. And yes it is a real group, just look it up.
  12. I really LOVE listening to Tool when I'm getting some lovin' from my man,
    besides that any drum and bass, pendulum, angerfist, loud beats.
  13. Bob Marley, but we almost never put on music, i want to hear everything
  14. I don't think I've ever fucked to music. I enjoy the sounds of my girlfriend moaning the best.
  15. Any girl that will give me a striptease to this song, will win my heart for the week.... God damn, this song is like quintessential music to fuck to... no make love to... to fuck to.
  16. that's it? for a week? PSHHHHH. better be two. haha
  17. Depends on how well you dance to it...
  18. yeahh...i think i'd leave the room if that played haha.

    i have a pretty diverse music collection so i'd play whatever i'd think the guy would like.
    BUT usually: Air, the Cure, Postal Service, Radiohead, BlackMothSuperRainbow,
    hiphop or reggaeton when drunk.
  19. A girl who gets down to The Cure and Radiohead? Now I am intrigued.

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