what munchie do u prefer?????

Discussion in 'General' started by fr3sh, May 28, 2008.

  1. more on the sweet side like candy. sour stuff etc.....


    more on the food side like meats and fruits etc......
  2. My picks for the munchies category would be.....

    Doritos nacho cheese chips
    Hot Pockets (thinking more than a snack)

    Little debbie oatmeal cookies
    Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough

    Tom's Hot Fries

    I feel munchies are quick, effortless indulgences of eating what we want. I enjoy the munchies!

    Ill topic!

    - o.M :devious:
  3. the sweet side! chocolate, popcorn, gummy bears, cookies and chips ( sour cream and onion Pringles are the best! with some dip! ). and of course, gingerbread things yum yum yuuuum :hello:
  4. A peanut-butter m&m sundae from friendlys is da shit when your high but i gotta show some love for the mini-oreos
  5. Me and my friend made the best munchie haha. We both had a full slice of ellios pizza (frozen square pizza incase u did not know. It is very very good actually!) and pizza bagels. They both cook at about the same temp so We put the pizza bagels on top of the ellios and cooked them together. It was absolutely amazing. It really hit the spot haha.
  6. I can't get enough pretzals.
  7. A fat carne asada chimichanga w/sour cream and guac.
  8. Chocolate ice cream is so fucking amazing. And Papa John's deep dish pizza. If I have those two things while I'm high, I'm 101% satisfied.
  9. I love cold fruit cause it doesn´t gets me down.

  10. That is a trick question, its impossible to answer.

  11. Obliviously. That is why it is an opinion question. He asked which munchie do you prefer.
  12. popeyes chicken and biscuits combo, oranges, ice cream, blueberry eggo waffles,

    firecrackers :hippie:
  13. Thats how i feel but when its something candy deffinatly skittles. You will taste the rainbow:D
  14. p'zones, chips and this dank mango salsa i have, supreme pizza with stuffed crust from pizza hut
  15. Meat. Fast food meat a lot! There is a McDonalds by me that was right by the I-35 collapse, so it's a pain in the ass to get there now, so they created a construction special. It includes:

    Sunday: 20 piece McNugget for $3.
    Monday: Egg McMuffin or Quarter Pounder w/ cheese for $1
    Wednesday: 49 cent hamburgers, 59 cent cheeseburgers
    Friday: Sausage Egg McMuffin for $1... something else good for $1
    Saturday: New southern style chicken sandwich for $1

    And then when I told my parents they sent me a $25 McDonalds gift card. I think they're trying to kill me... Today I got 10 of the 59 cent cheeseburgers and since I like leftovers, that's 3 meals for a little over 6 bucks... :smoking:
  16. Munchos. The only potato chip worth eating.

    And cake. I like cake a lot.
  17. cereal. i'll smash a whole box without leaving the couch.
  18. MEATS!!! I always want a meal after I'm stoned.
  19. McDonalds french fries + milkshake. OMG...

    Frosted Flakes

    w/ 10 drops of Tabasco Sauce and a squirt of lemon juice... oh my god.

    Pixy Stix
    Any sour gummy.. thing.

    Good stuff. :)
  20. The food side. I love a home cooked meal. The other day I made home made meatballs and spaghetti with parmesan cheese my parents brought back from Italy sprinkled on the top and home made garlic bread with a nice glass of red wine, fucking delicious.

    I usually make couscous for munchies though

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