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  1. Currently i have a 12 inch hvy bong, with a pure inline ash catcher, a da buddha vape, a bub, a chillum, and a 1 hitter. What are some other types of pieces that i can buy? I know i want something new, but i dont know what.
  2. You could get a worked bong/bub/slide/ac. Maybe an oil rig?
  3. an oil rig would be perfect but i have no access to any concentrates
  4. A spoon or sherlock?
  5. electroformed bowl!
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    Is your bong percolated? You could always get a stemless, but then you probs couldn't use your AC.

    Some were said already, but I'd say you could get:

    Stemless tube/perc'd tube
    Dugout for your one hitter if you don't have one
    Better downstem for your HVY?
    Disc diffused slide (or multiple hole/ice pinch)
    Oil Rig

    If you smoke enough to have a decent amount of stems and shake around, make qwiso! :smoking:
  7. I feel like id get high many more times with 7gs rather than 7gs made into qwiso
  8. Don't use bud then. If you don't grow, use stems and shake, works great.

    Anyways... not for everyone.

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