What me and my friend saw while smoking a blunt

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  1. So sunday night me and my friend where smoking a blunt outside his place, at the edge of the drive way. A silver car came down the street and stopped at the stop sign infront of the driveway. The driver turned left and then stopped, right in front of us. The driver got out, and then walked over to a red suv. Me and my friend were pretty high and just watched as the man used a slim jim to try to open the SUV's door. It wasn't working so he began fumbling with the lock, got it open, and then started the car. He than did 3 donuts, and then we noticed the car he got out of turned on. The SUV began speeding off and the silver car followed both swanging down the street. We kept smoking for a bit then realized that they just stole that car right in front of us. We put the blunt out and then knocked on their door and let told them that we think someone just stole their car. Funny thing was that they acted like this happens every other week :smoking: 

  2. cmon man ,dont rat us out to the owner next time. bro code y'know?

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  3. LMFAO
    You are telling me, that you watched a man break into a car with a SLIM JIM, and before.making his.escape, he stopped to do a few donuts?

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    That's what I'm thinking haha Maybe it was an locksmith or something but the donuts, haha, why??
  5. Good job OP, and he's not talking about a beef stick...

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  6. omfg slim jim, okay deeerp LOL you can imagine why I was dying

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  7. And because my original interpretation of this story was an absolute mess, but the donuts, thats too much

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  8. maybe it was the slim jim bandit's wifes car....she slept around with johnny the plumber, slim jimmy got mad, boom. illl do some donuts in your car, kiss it goodbye!
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  9. Are you sure you didn't get high, eat a slim Jim and play gta?

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    I just ate a slim jim lol if I would have known you can steal a car with it I might have done that instead
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  11. Do these people really not know what a slim jim is lol
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  12. what did he try and use this slim jim to do exactly? or does that only mean your pecker protecter where I live.. =o

    and that was kinda rude you coulda at least waited a few hours to give um a good headstart before being a snake...

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  13. Tell me your joking right? It will be funny when you have someone stealing your hard earned possessions.Do not call the police that will be rude.

    What in the literal fuck.
  14. no im not.... 1) you don't snake for any reason that's like a law unless it was child rape or something then that's okay

    2) ur outside blazing and someone does something a few feet away from you and you don't think they noticed you? but since you were blazing they obviously didn't care and did it anyways but if they got booked a few hours later because someone noticed it so fast wwhat do you think the criminals who are willing to do that infront of people do to the people who snaked on um?

    im not gunna be the next victim just because someone else cant afford insurance I know that
    so no...I wasn't joking

  15. was it randy "macho man" savage?
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    "Unless it is rape"

    Your a stand up guy now aren't you? Don't ask for help from anyone.If they know your philosophy then they wouldn't help you most likely.

    If your family gets robbed and you know who did you would let them get away with it or create more violence wouldn't you?What about a friend?

    Must be where you grew up, most likely in the ghetto or around people living that type of criminal life style.
  17. Yah unlike you I didn't grow up in a gated community behind a computer screen so I have a pretty good understanding of how the real world works but thanks for trying to talk like you know me
    you changed the scenario so everything would be different 1) no one could get away with robbing me im not stupid enough to get pulled into it and I don't live in the ghetto were people break into things 2) if they did manage to somehow fuck with me or a friend they would need to pray to who ever it is they believe in that the cops find them before I do so no that doesn't count as creating violence because it doesn't count when its brought onto someone who would bring it onto you that's called helping the community vigilante style

    and ya that's all I feel like saying and I don't really need to ask anyone for help because unlike most people the common sense that I have tells me the answer to anything I ever need to know

    so I don't wish to start whatever this flame type shit talk we got going on here so please leave me alone now so I can go back to posting up my two sense :)
    good day sir.

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    I did not read that.I didn't grow up in a gated community but I sure wish I grew up in a better living situation and not around thugs and people who only care about themselves.

    I have been poor all my life.That doesn't make it okay to steal.That doesn't make it alright for you to stand by and let others do negative things.You have self responsibility as a person/citizen and especially a human to stand up for what is right and stop bullshit from taking place.

    Now I will read lol.It is creating more violence but we each have our opinion.If someone tried to hurt someone than yes I'd try and stop it like you say with your friends.If they just stole something then no need to cause more issues.

    We all have family.No need to hurt.We can always help instead of doing worse.I am sorry if you took my statements as a judgement or something.I shouldn't of generalized either.
  19. Okay so what I want you to do know is call up the American government guy and tell him to stop killing all the innocent people because I can go so many different routes with that its not even funny and if you want example we can start with homeless and skip everything else and move right to war to be all therious

    then maybe call up every single American to because here in Canada I don't know a single person who lives a good citizen life and everyone knows that dealer guy selling to kids but no one cares everyone knows people are dying over bs in other countrys but no one cares

    so why would I care if someone lost something that fell under the category of materialism lifes to short for that shit

    now one more time...I said good sir.


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