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What makes someone a " Seasoned Toker"?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Color Hug, May 24, 2006.

  1. What are the qualifications? :)
  2. Know your shit about it and get to know the rest of the seasoned tokers I guess.
  3. uh....this is a good question....i consider myself a seasond toker, but i dont know what the qualifications are....i guess you will know when the time comes lol.
  4. I guess if your a veteran on the marijuana scene you are a "Seasoned Toker"
  5. I smoke everyday unless my stash is empty, and i know quite alot about i guess being a seasoned toker means you know your stuff. Kinda like your a professional at smoking. When i first started smoking, i was smoking mids from a can in my backyard being paranoid as hell, now im rippin my bong in my room without a care on my i guess you can figure out what a seasoned toker is.
  6. ^What he said

    I dont think you can consider yourself a seasoned toker if you smoke schwaag, I dont take anyone with schwaag seriously.

  7. Yeah, I guess, but there could be exceptions, say if someone lived in Cali smoked all the dank they wanted, then moved to mexico and was stuck with Dirty Shwag.
  8. Yeah, I guess, but there could be exceptions, say if someone lived in Cali smoked all the dank they wanted, then moved to mexico and was stuck with Dirty Shwag.[/quote]
    Or if someone smokes stress cause they cant affor the dank anymore.

  9. So somone who lives in an area where headie bud is regularly avalable and has been smoking for 2 weeks but smokes alot of dank could be a seasoned toker but somone who lives in an area where they have a hard time getting a hold of anything better than schwag/mids and has smoked for 4+ years would be some rookie?

    Ive always thought of a seasoned toker being somone who has knowledge of marijuana and has been smoking for a few years at least..... I hardly think what kind of bud you smoke has anything to do with it...
  10. hmm.. tons of weed smoked and a huge grow :D ....jk.

    Well 100 posts is a start lmao......

    Seriously several years of MJ... I have 6 months of expierence , I have an entire life of smoke to explore , fortunatelly of course :D Toke on mates.....
  11. I don't think the quality of the bud you partake in has much to do with how much time under the bowl you have. I mean yeh if all you have ever had is dirt pot that is different but if you buy cheaper bud b/c you smoke alot and your habit is bigger than your bankroll it makes sence. I would not call someone a pot head b/c they smoked dank for 3 months, that just means they smoked dank for 3 months. I don't really know what a seasoned toker is but I am pretty sure it has alot to do with time and quntity more so than quality(but it(quality) does count), but that is just me. And don't get me wrong if you don't smoke some dank at least several tymes a year I would not call you seasoned, hell who cares I smoke bud don't you? JOE>:smoking:
  12. i mean... duh.

    "Been puffin' for a while? This spot is for our experienced smokers...."

    I would say if you have been smokin for more then 5 years, and you have a general knowledge of nuggetry.

    No, that probably isnt a word... but you wanna fight about it?
  13. Patty taneger the caddy manager yeah it rhymes big deal yawannafightaboutit?

    If you've been puffin for awhile, over 4-5 years i would say and have good knowledge of whats what about marijuana and being able to tell if something someone acutally says is true or not right off the bat id consider a seasoned toker. Knowing a good amount about marijuana, its ways, how its smoked, its pariphenalia (sp?) and you smoke headies and nothing but :D
  14. If your only smoking stress and mids then I would not consider you a seasoned toker. Regardless of how many years you have been smoking. And I think quality plays a part of it. It's like if a wine taster only stuck with tasting below average wine and wanted to call themselves a "Seasoned Wine Taster". You have to at least know about Indica's, Sativa's & Hybrid's. U gotta have some knowledge about Keif, Hash, Hash oil etc. That is just how I see it
  15. LMFAO +rep. when he pops out of the ground and starts talkin to chris, i started laughin so hard i was cryin. i was pretty stoned though lol
  16. can you look at a bud and tell how many weeks it was in flower?can you tell what ferts were used?do you know your strains flavors?can you tell if its hydro or soil?is it organically grown?these are the skills that come in time to seasoned tokers...
  17. I would think that all that would apply to Seasoned Growers, but if your a stoner who grows his own then you got the best of both worlds covered
  18. i've been smoking reefer for 4 years..i know my shit. i would consider myself a seasoned toker. i think you qualify as a seasoned toker when you can controll your geeken out you know. Also you gotta no the rules of the circle. no cheefen never pass a cashed bowl(the erks me to no end). and if you think Dro is a strain you need to be shot.:devious:

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