What makes GC so different?

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I was looking through other bud forums and I noticed they dont feel "alive" like our forums. I cant really grasp what the main difference is though. Any input?
  2. Less strict I would say.

    Ever seen Cannabis Dot Com?

    Their asses are so tight you couldn't fit a needle up them.
  3. sept 07 blades make the difference;):smoke:

    na man, its just the people. the mods. the admins. and superjoint! they make it wat it is

    and also, look how many members we have 100,000+!!

    something like around 300 new members a day i think RMJL said?
  4. its cause of waffle and his delicious ass waffle recipes:hello::smoke:
  5. +rep burnttwaffle always know the right thing

    its the people!!
  6. acid trip knows what to say in thrice!
  7. The enviorment, the look, the feel.
    But most of all...the people.
    You cant have a forum without people like you and me, we are all what makes GC as great as it it!
  8. Word. There are some cool & funny cats on this website.
  9. Meh I like icmag

    Only because most OG refugees are over there.(I think) and bigtime growers also.

    I like grasscity better for discussion on weed-related things or general.
  10. chronic

    i tripped so fuckin bad on your sig im just staring at it ovr and over again and i realised that the dude whos runing is high the girl was just infront of him and he didnt stop he continued the man was trippin boy he couldnt see her hahahha and the guy wearing orange sitting on the left was lik awwww hahah he look like roberto carlos

    +rep for that homes
  11. i used to visit OG, that site was legit. just givin props where its due.
  12. I truly think GC is the most ecletic and generally accepting marijuana forum on the internet. I am a member at others, and while respected, I can tell there is a sort of club of elite members who are sort of snobbish or snooty. I still post pictures of my glass there, but my real friends are all of you guys.
  13. Foreal man lately theres been talk of rudeness and all that but I feel we are more at peace.
  14. wanna get fuckked drink a glass of absenthe and hash oil mixed together :)
  15. There are trends in this City just like any City. Older members leave, newer members step up to take their place. I've been around long enough to see it. If some of the people who have been here for a year or less knew how many older members stopped posting or left. This place still has top quality people in it, with or without the older member in my opinion.

    Even they were new once.
  16. This is by far the best city in Europe.
  17. i haven't seen too many assholes like i did on my previous forums.
  18. No hierarchy, large member base.
  19. we all understand each other in some way in the city. :cool:

    also.. we all get riled up over food topics. it's great. :hello:

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