what makes a solo sesh the most relaxing/chill?

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  1. i love smoking out the window in my room, by myself, listening to music, and staying up for hours. Its really cool right now, because its raining and i can hear every little drop hit the roof. My room is on the second floor attic of my parents house. ( well away from any sleeping individuals). I'm pretty blazed at the moment but i'm just about to load up another bowl and zone out to some good music, the stars and the rain :hello::smoking: BUT, i ask you, what is your favorite memory/thought while blazing alone, or describe what makes a solo sesh the most chill or relaxing.

    oh yeah, btw this is my first thread, just want to say hey to everyone! what up blades :) :wave:
  2. I think you get rid of all the bullshit of other people and can just let yourself go btw welcome to the city hope you enjoy it as much as I do
  3. Every time I smoke by myself I think of it as having a date with myself. I've been having a lot of dates with myself lately.
  4. Two words; inner dialogue.

  5. With a friend, you no longer need that inner dialogue.

    Smoking with a good friend is infinitively times better than smoking alone. (Atleast in my opinion ;))
  6. Or a sibling that's within 2 years of age.
  7. But your inner dialogue is your mind. Someone elses dialogue is their thoughts, not yours. They're two different things.

  8. Why within 2 years? My sister and I are 8 years apart, and we used to toke together all the time.

    To comment on the subject, I don't find bud to be that great of a social drug on its own. If I'm only toking up, I'd rather be alone. Passing a blunt around the beerpong table is another story, or passing a bowl between railing lines of the unmentionables.
  9. A nice cozy temperature

    and even if it doesn't matter, knowing your 100% alone and no one can hear you makes it better for me :)

    good music, good food


  10. True dat, but my point still stands. A good friend is the best thing in the world
  11. I agree with you man, smoking with your friends, or a very close bud, is cool, but even then you want to get away sometimes.
    Smoking alone for me is just chill because I don't have to worry about passing anything around; theres no movement. I can throw on some music, smoke some herb, and explore my head. The IDEAL setting would be all of this, while on my roof. A little night chill and the "freshness" that comes with the cold air mixed with a nice toasty jacket and a nice toasty blaze would be great.
    Really great.
    In fact, if you'll excuse me.... :smoke:
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    Couldn't agree with you more, I love chilling in my. Room, taking dabs for days and then whopping out the bong chilling, reminiscing about life, what's gonna go down in the future and wh the fuck the game isn't turning on...o wait forgot to turn on the xbox Haha sitting in my bed properly medication for round 30ish minutes waiting for the tv to respond just to realize I didn't even turn it on Haha. That and no one there to be the "oh my gosh that's too much o my gosh I'm done I'm DOOOOONNNNNEEE" just hmm what now oils or budders and which flower to hot now? And when your alone blazing seems like mommy always got something dank as fuck cooking same time ;)
  13. music is what it's all about for me. i'll put on something i really love, smoke, and just groove out :smoke:
  14. Music, quiet, the possibility of taking a bubble bath...people not annoying me. Laying in my comfy bed.

    Btw hot bath+bubble+marijuana= total relaxtion
  15. Tv in the basement with the little window open. Oh and nodding on opiates. Lastnight was badass
  16. I do like toking with a close friend but some people turn into total assholes or I just want to chill and they want to do something
  17. I think its the informality of it. You can smoke as much or as little as you want, out of what you want to smoke it out of, at your speed. When I'm with friends we tend to smoke, and then put it away, whereas when I'm alone I smoke a bowl, watch tv (play video games, listen to music etc.) and smoke more as I see fit. There is something to be said about the lone wolf smoke sesh.
  18. the most relaxing session i can have is one where i can do whatever i want. as long as i dont have anything to do, then im happy. because i'll find plenty to do.

    the mind is a magical place. i get lost for days.
  19. smoking with a friend, just one person who has been your best friend forever, thats always cool, and sometimes we get into some crazy convosations, but there def. is something way different about smoking alone.
  20. You get all the weed to yourself and no one can tell you what to do.

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