what makes a hippie?

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  1. its a little more obvious what the criteria was 30-40 yrs ago, but today things are a little clouded. where im going to school everyone loves the grateful dead, anything reggae, etc, and they do thier best to dress the part. only thing is, lots of these kids are rich, disrespectful, and do more than their fair share of ruining the environmnet. I grew up thinking hippies might smell a little, but that they were overall nice people. now that i live around tons of people that would probably consider them selves hippies in one way or another, im starting to change my mind a little.
  2. yeah i dunno, i don't really buy into society's steroetypes of people. I mean hippies, if i have to classify, would be over all nice people like you said, someone with kind of out there ideas, doing their own thing, exploring their mind with the aid of drugs ahha , and basically just focusing on their own internal happiness. I dont really think of "modern hippies" as tree huggers or people who dont bathe, like a lot of people come to think but thats just my two cents on this.:hello:
  3. It's the idealology of it all Bro. While I'm not sure of the exact beliefs, I know Peace and Love are two main ones.
  4. ionsider myself as a ''new age'' hippie,,,,,,,,,,,, i like to grow my own weed,,, i dont condeem people for what they doNO MATTER WHAT IT IS,,,

    and there is no ''racial barriers'',,,,,,,,,,,, we are one with each other, no matter what our skin colour is,or our beliefs,,,,

    im a free spirited hippie,,, with short hair..........:cool:
  5. classic 60s hippy

    long hair, black feet, heavy drug use.

    no job. (maybe working at a home made recycling area or used record store)

    Of course hippyness has changed since then.
  6. There is a full blown hippy that wanders around campus..
    The definition of a hippy is the following -

    No age limit - but definitely a cooler hippy if you're older

    Heavy drug use and favorite drug - acid

    No job, possible welfare check.

    Smells like ass, no shower for long periods of time.

    Mountain man look - long hair, big beard.

    Has shit tied in their hair for decoration

    Most of their clothes are very, very unique.

    And always, always in a great mood.

    If you're a fuckin sweet hippy then you're a vietnam vet.

    That is the definition of a straight hippy :smoke:
  7. Showers don't make hippies...
  8. This older lady in my town has a bumper sticker that says "where have all the hippies gone?"
    I think that's the real question.
  9. I said the same thing chillin with my friends once, made a good convo..... from what i remember, i credited charles manson with giving the hippies a bad rap and they kinda went into hiding. They're a rare breed these days.
  10. Vietnam Vet is basically the opposite of hippie
  11. not necessarily, the vets who realize the war was bullshit but still got stuck with it because of the draft.
  12. like in platoon...there's that soldier with the big peace sign painted on his helmet

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