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What made you start smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by legoboy08, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Quite simple, what made you decide to try marijuana, or what made you want to start?

    For me, it was the movie Super High Me, it's similiar to supersize me but its about smoking pot for 30 days straight
  2. pop culture, word of mouth, general curiosity
  3. well, my first time I really had no intention of smoking, but i was snowboarding with my cousin and my uncle and they asked me if i wanted to blaze and I was down for a new experience, so we went into the trees and got high. That was like 2 years ago.
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    When I was in 8th grade, a recovering crack-addict came into my health class and talked to us about drugs and how she went down the "wrong path". She told us it all started with Marijuana, which I now know is Bs, but she said she smoked pot everyday and she loved the feeling of being high, she said it felt like you were in your own little world. That exact day me and a group of friends asked some of the local high school kids who were known for smoking weed to buy some, we pitched in all of our money and bought a 1/8, they were nice and they didn't rip us off either. They even made us a homemade water bottle bong and showed us how to use it. We were high as fuck.
    Didn't really smoke much since then, then around 5 years later I decided to start smoking regularly.
  5. I went under the influence, peer pressure, however you'd say it.

    And it was one of my greatest decisions.
  6. Definitely movies combined with peer pressure lol.
  7. above the influence commercials, those kids look like there having a BLAST!

    no but really it was high school and i was curious
  8. My friends who started smoking a year or so before I did seemed like they had a blast with it, so I decided to try it. They didn't pressure me or anything, they knew I didn't smoke, I eventually just wanted to do it, and I liked it, obviously.
  9. My mom, dad, brother, and sister all smoke pot, so I figured there must be some reason they do it. I took a joint from my dad's stash, and I made a water bottle bong for it. I got super high xD
  10. Lol!

    I was in college, wanted to try it. Tried it and liked it and kept on smoking it.
  11. i just decided to try it with my friends one day
  12. Friend asked me if i wanted to try it... I was curious
  13. I wanted to
  14. In all honesty, I started smoking regularly because it helped me do my homework. I smoked the first time because I was curious, and I enjoyed it but I used to keep to a once every 2-3 weeks deal. I smoke daily now because I do all my homework blazed, and its fun doing the work. And im getting straight A's.
  15. First time, I wanted to and knew my uncle could get it for me, lol.

    I quit when I got married but when my first wife passed I picked it up again, to get me through, and haven't stopped since, good thing the new wife smokes too, lol.:hello:
  16. curiosity and my one friend said he needed a new smoking buddy and I did before but didn't get high so I was anxious:eek:
  17. im sad to say it but it was peer pressure that got me way back in grade 8 or something lol. but i ahev to say tahst one thing that i love i started
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    Well honestly, I had no idea what weed, pot, marijuana, or anything like that actually was until I went down to Florida during the summer to visit some relatives. I actually thought pot was coke before this whole incident. Literally none of my friends or reletives did anything drug-related.

    Anyways, my cousin (same age as me... likes the same music and things I do... pretty hot... smokes pot... if only we weren't fucking related :() came down to Florida too, and we soon became friends despite not seeing each other for a good 3 years.

    So one day she tells me how she took up weed during the past school year, and honestly, I wasn't angry or whatever despite being brainwashed into the whole "drugs are baaaaad" thing for the past 6 years or so of my life. Most of her side of the family smoked cigarettes, so the whole "smoking" thing didn't really surprise me.

    After hearing all her stories about it and returning home from Florida, I took up a great interest in marijuana. I had never even considered doing (or not doing) anything drug-related before this, as none of my friends did anything of the sort. After doing a good bit of research with Google and my best friend, I decided to try it out.

    Based off of the position I was in (not knowing anyone that does shit drug-related), I decided to try to get in contact with a classmate from the year before that I had overheard talking about getting high (on April 20th... lol :3) once before. We talked to each other frequently during class, so I knew he'd help me out. It's not like we were best buds or anything, but we were far from enemies.

    Seeing him standing outside the school on my way to the buses one day, I went up to him and asked him if I could have his phone number. He knew me well enough, so without even asking me why, he gave it to me. After getting home, I called him up and asked him if he could help me out. He was more than happy to, and he picked me up in his car and we drove over to his house. It was just me and him, so I wasn't under any pressure and I felt safe. He pulled out his bong from under his bed and packed a bowl. He offered me the first hit, but having no idea how to work the bong, I asked him to show me how first.

    Watching closely, he took a hit and blew it out his window. Taking the bong from him, I was still a bit nervous about how to work the thing, so he offered to light it for me. All I had to do was suck as hard as I could and pull out the bowl when I was almost out of breath. So I watched as the flame got sucked into the bowl and tasted the wonderful smoke for the first time. I actually forgot to pull the bowl out and even ended up coughing a bit, with smoke still in the bong. He cleared it for me, and I attempted another. He told me to hold it in this time as long as I could, which I did. After a few little "hits," we just kind of sat there and watched TV until his dad came home and I had to go.

    The first time I smoked, I never really got any smoke in my lungs, and ended up going home disappointed. After this incident, he refused to smoke with me because he didn't want to get me "caught up" in drugs and whatever. Of course, I knew he didn't want to smoke with me because simply put, I was a pussy. I searched and searched for someone to smoke with so I could actually experience being high. Following all of this, I was basically ripped and jipped for ages because almost everyone knew that I had no clue what I was doing, and I had no friends to help me out.

    In the end, it all turned out well as I began to understand weed and made some new friends that smoked and hooked me up with good dealers. Although I was ripped a few bucks and forced to smoke alone for some time, it was all for the greater good.

    Eh, I better get some fucking rep for ranting and getting off topic this much. Lol. :3
  19. I wanted to find out what it was all about. I had heard gret things about it and awful things about it, and I wanted to find out for myself.
  20. Life.. and the desire to explore the mysteries of life, the universe, and my own psyche.

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