What lyric best describes your life?

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  1. "Half of my life, I spent doin' time for some other fucker's crime" - Wharf Rat, Grateful Dead
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  2. "Live in a hole, but stay close to my kind, because they understand what burns in my mind" - PanterA
    IDK though there is so many from so many different styles of music. I could trade lyrics all fuckin day
  3. cant shake these ghetto ways...
  4. Every day is exactly the same. NIN

  5. I love this thread already.

    And the grass don't get much greener
    And life can't get no sweeter
    I got a funny cigarette and a two-dollar bottle of wine
    And there's no need for new beginnings
    More money or window trimmings
    And if the good Lord's willin', I'm a keep on chillin', refillin' and flyin' high
    Kid Rock

  6. Cast off the chains we've made
    and refuse to dig our graves
    Stand up, the lives we save
    will be our own

    Reclaiming liberty
    We'll starve the beast

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