What light would be best?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Weezy, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Hello new grower and welcome to a wonderful and very rewarding hobby. If you are really serious the first thing you need to do is read everything you can on the topic from soil to nutes, to laws in your area. The best light to veg under is a Metal Halide. Anything with high blue spectrum lights is great for that.

  2. HIGH All, couldn't have said it better!!!!!!
  3. Sorry I should have been more specific on my post. I have been researching growing for over a year now. I'm pretty confident that I understand everything but the lights. Whenever I read about what lights to use I get totally confused. I was wondering what light would be good for this particular cabinet. Would a 250W HPS be too much or littel for the dimensions of this cabinet? (The dimensions are 31 1/2" H x 24" W x 12" D by the way)
  4. For that specific cabinet, you had better use fluoros, that are small and compact. You aren't leaving yourself much room for your plant to grow tall in it. And its going to get cramped in there real quick.

    A better choice would be to buy the cabinet that is about 6 feet tall rather than the one that is about 3 feet tall. You need to have room for your planting container, your plant, light, and seperation between the plant and light. A six foot tall cabinet would be a better choice. As far as lights for a 6 foot cabinet, metal halide is the best for vegging, HPS the best for flowering. But if you can only afford one and rig up one light, i would say a 250 watt HPS.

    You still will need to ventilate the cabinet to remove heat. While you are at Lowes look at the bathroom exhaust fans and figure out a way to mount it to your cabinet. It will move plenty of heat out and keep the temp to a tolerable level. Exhaust fan, wire, switch should cost less than $40.
  5. someone send this link to me and i dont remember who.. but anyway it gave me some good pointers on growing and starting out!! it has everything in here!! CHECK IT OUT!!

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