What last longer, Weed Oil or Wax? And best Vap Pen for it

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  1. Hello, I'd like to spend less than $100 on a Vap Pen.

    I'm moving, so I'm buying up a vap pen and as much as oil/wax to bring with me.
    I'm pretty sure I know Wax gets you higher, but I'm looking for what generally last longer and is cheaper for that length.

    I'm fine only getting a Pen that does one of those, as long as it's the one you guys advice. Thanks.
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    .......wax and oil are both butane hash. If one consistency got you higher, or was highly superior in some way, then people would only be making that type.(shatter heads will disagree, im sure) Buy whichever is better quality. I would first base my desicion on cleanliness, and then on potency, flavor, smell, and appearance. Hold the oil up to a light and check for impurity: either dark specks or cloudiness which is indicative of residual solvent. Good oil, sap or shatter should be completely transparent.

    Judging the cleanliness of a wax is much harder. Try to sample each, if either has a harsh burn on your throat i would walk away. But if the wax is purged properly, and seems like higher quality then get it. Again whichever is better. Your oil or wax question is like asking: what lasts longer a gallon of whiskey or a gallon of tequila.
  3. Thank you for the input, but that still leaves the question of money. Is there a big difference in price between them? I'm just trying to get the most amount of something out of the price since I'm spending quite a bit.
  4. Wax will usually cost you more than oil. So in the sense of money, oil will last you longer.
  5. Try a vape pen from dabr vape pen. Usually, wax or shatter will save me more $ because I would only need 2 dabs versus several from oil. Oil always gets harsh, and its usually not clear and runny. This could mean there's more butane or moisture, or contamients. I recommend shatter or honeycomb that has a good smell and looks clear or very light in color ( gold-yellow).
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    Again, neither differs in the way i think you think they do. Wax is a form of oil. Typically further processed, and some will argue tainted. But there is not a difference in the sense that one generally costs more than the other. Price is directly reflective of what the wax or oil(or shatter, budder, honeycomb, etc., they are all forms of BHO) was made from.

    If someone chopped down their plant and decided to run the colas, you can expect it to be pricey. On the oppisite end, if someone was cleaning out their basement and found a lb. of trim from last years outdoor grow that was never dried or cured, and decides to spray some butane through it and sell it to you, it better be dirt cheap. Extreme examples, but generally price is based on the cost of the starting material; was it nug, trim, grandmas oregano? Consistency does not dictate price. But clean shatter tends to fetch a higher price.
  7. Best vape pen Hands Down is the Ninja Pen
    Well said! 

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