What kush has large yield?

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    I love kush but some are to small. Maybe a indica and sativa mix .Any good sugestion. I am in California growing outdoors. I got now 707 headband I will try. But still looking. Anyone know anything about blueberry?
  2. whats up? cant a guy get a little help.:confused_2:
  3. world of seeds afghan kush or there afghan kush special they grow really large given the proper conditions
  4. Hindu Kush, Master Kush, OG Kush, Afghan Kush, Bubba Kush, Super Kush, Lemon Kush and Blueberry Kush are all great strains to check out, OP. :)

  5. Ok thanks. I was told they were small plants. But I will give them a try. I had terrible results with granddaddy outdoor. The smoke was killer but only 3-4oz per plant. A wasted season.
  6. Try Reserva Privada's Sour Kush A.K.A Headband. Some of the best smoke I've ever had and I've seen growers on this board pull pounds off a single outdoor plant. Also DNA Kushberry is fucken awesome smoke and very easy to grow if u can find it in stock. As far as OG Kush goes I found her to be a bit to touchy for my taste and although the smoke was great the yields were not worth the trouble. Hope this helps.
  7. Yes thanks. I got 707 headband I will try. I am going to see if I could get a kushberry. Are these hard tight bud?
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    Blueberry Kush and Master Kush, or MK Ultra are my top recommendations. I'm growing Bubba Kush for the first time this season and it's growing well, but I've heard it can be a low yielder. I'll have to wait and see. I've had good results with master Kush and my best friend grew 80 lbs of Blueberry last year. Both are great strains.
  9. Kushberry produces solid foxtail type buds. I've grown it several times indoors and although the yield isn't as good as some of the strains I've grown (1.5-2.5oz's per plant). It is one of the best producing kush strains I've tried. Outdoors I can see her easily producing a pound or more.
  10. Thanks for the reply's. I am always trying to learn something new. Well it feels like time to medicate.
  11. Try hash plant ( the mountain kush ) I've seen those grow ten feet + and a pound or 2 each . Might I add thy were neglected a bit and in the harsh Canadian climate ... I wouldn't be suprised If you California cats could grow 5 pound plants from hash plant
  12. I got some super sour og that im growing this year. Description says u can get 3-4 pounds a plant if u lst
  13. I had lb+ plant of kush. Tahoe kush purp kush an vanilla kush. Big thick bushy mother fuckers an a task to trim.
  14. dooubt a lb plant in a 6 month grow season
  15. That y I veg in doors first. They are almost 3 feet tall already. I am legal am do it all in my back yard. I deff pull lb plants out here.
  16. You'll like that head band...look for platinum OG (OG x afgani #1) would say it yields decent like the 707 but has a nice lemon fuel taste on exhale...lemon kush is another one,smells.like lemons but doesnt taste like it...
  17. not sure if this worked. actual got on the computer to upload some photos of last summers out door.

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  18. I like the solid sticky buds

  19. Nice plants. I love those buds!

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