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What kinds of things has weed made you notice?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Drifter711, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. What has weed made you notice or pay more attention to? Something you have looked at while baked and thought wow that is fucking awesome but, if you were sober you would've not cared, lol. For me I was just playing forza horizon and I noticed everytime I pushed on the throttle the g force pulled the camera back like it was you actually getting pulled back into the seat.
  2. That, without it, I'd probably be worse off. 
    That, it helps brighten my life. Makes me think in a more creative way. 
  3. That too! It makes everything better, helps me with my cerebral palsy ( I feel like I can function my left side better, which in my case my left side is slightly weaker) and also depression.
  4. corruption. Fucked up practices. Weed really lets me see the world for what it truly is. It takes off the sunglasses that cover up the system, that blind you from whats really going on. All the evil things that you KNOW are evil, but you pretend they don't exist, or you turn away. Maybe thats why it's illegal. 
  5. When I'm high, I just can't pretend to be unaware of the horrible things being done
  6. Holy shit I totally realized something totally awesome last week but I forgot it since then that sucks if only this thread had been a week earlier...
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    Time like everything else is relative 2 minutes can feel like 2 hours and vice versa
  8. It's made me realize words are freakin weird o_O like how did they name a tree a tree?? Why that mix of sounds? when I smoke and I read I look at a word like, that's not right?then I find myself repeating the word over and over in my head slower and slower lol
  9. And I always have the most mindblowing thoughts. I never know if they make sense/are true or not when I'm baked, but they sound right lol. Something I kinda thought up the other day was some variation of: when you're able to care about things when under the influence (of any drug), that's when you know you're addicted. 
    Sounds retarded now lol
  10. dank hill lol.
    when im high i think about everything and i guess im rare because i retain those thoughts. i get the little inside jokes on cartoons that just sound like regular dialogue i realize my friends aren't my friends and cut them off ot the opposite i realize that someone i just blow off really gives a damn and i awkwardly try to involve them more in my life
    (awkwardness tf is it with this generation everyone's awkward) 
  11. Yes! def the cartoon jokes thing. Cartoons I've watched a million times come to life with twisted humor. It's great haha
  12. I notice acting in movies and shows.
    Like I remember I used to think PitBoss was real, but I saw it high one day and I was like wtf these niggas are hella acting xD and I could just hella tell its acting. Like watching Mac and Devin high, it's hella weird cause they're like clearly acting.

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  13. mac and devin had terrible acting and so does south beach tow but they Get a pass, reality shows have always been fulla shit mac and devin was a movie
  14. When I'm high, I listen to music. But unlike listening to music when I'm sober, I can hear like every instrument being used and it's pretty cool.
  15. Other drugs!
    Jk. But not jk. You'll never know.
    But fer serious, I feel like it makes human contact appear in it's truest and nastiest form, fake.
  16. the lies and brutality of our western world,  a hundred dead Afghani children equal a new ipad , or at least the ipad buys our silence for a hundred dead children 
  17. One time I made some killer cannabutter cookies and I ate one too many.  I was so fucking high.  Watched a Dog Whisperer marathon all night and I realized how commercials are targeted at certain demographics depending on the channel and show.  It had just never dawned on me before.
    I also realized that Ceasar Milan is either telepathic or an alien. 
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    I notice all the bullshit for one thing, I notice the hidden agendas and controlled opposition, I notice the world outside the tinted glass that's placed before us since birth, I notice the strawmen the media sets up for people to be outraged about while the things that really matter never see the light of day.
  19. Weed gave me mad gardening skills, that's my weed superpower. Before I smoked weed I couldn't grow a plant to save my life.

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