What kinds of kids did you have in your Highschool?

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  1. I'm going to this party where you have to dress up as a "clique" of your choice; You know like gangster kid, jock, stoner, ect...

    It's kinda lame I know, but there's gonna be mad girls there, and these girls are nuts. I need something clever...all I can think of is the cliche groups like the ones I named above...theres other cliques out there, like skater, emo, black kids, kids who just sit and play gameboy....

    Help me out here GC, throw some ideas out.

    Please keep in mind the large amount of easy girls that'll be there. I need something clever while at the same time cool. Nothing that might be funny but will make me look stupid.

    If I can't think of anything good, im going as a ninja. So if you know where I can find a badass ninja costume, hook me up.
  2. Dress up in a cut off t-shirt. Ballin baseball hat and some jeans. It helps if you have some rad colorful shoes also.

    that's how I dress and I always have good luck.

    My personal choice of hat is a bright red Transformers hat and I also sport a muppets baseball cap. Straight brimmed and fitted, always.
  3. Sooo...like a homosexual?
  4. be a goth kid.
  5. Dress up as a stoner and smoke some weed.
  6. go buy a rasta dreads hat and bring hella weed.
  7. snap back hat, camo cargo shorts with a diamond supply tee. #swag

  8. "we're not fucking vampire kids"
  9. dress exactlly like matthew mcconaughey did in Dazed n Confused and just walk around goiun alrite alrite alrite hehe

  10. Have a problem with the way I dress?

  11. If you consider homosexuality a problem...
  12. Wear nothin but a speedo. and pack socks in that shit to make you look huge. Enjoy highschool. Adulthood sucks the big one.

  13. I consider you faggitry a problem.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]

    For real haha. I ain't gay, but on the other hand I don't really care what other's think of me. :]

  16. I'm not gay, but I don't understand the homophobia either.
  17. I am not saying you are gay? Someone is awful defensive...
  18. Where I'm from calling somebody gay or fag is like calling somebody a douche bag. Gay is loosing it's meaning. Kind of like that South Park episode where all the bikers are considered fags. I'm a little irritable at the moment because I'm nursing a dead nerve in my front right tooth and I'm in need of a root canal. But cannot pay for it. It's fucking murder though.

    Just cut me some slack bro.
  19. Mentally retarded jocks that think there the shit.
    and UGS

    UGS = Ugly Girl Squad

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