what kinda strain u think indoor soil l.e.d

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by buddycanna, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. i used a glow panel45 can u figure out strain. oh and u think she ready for harvest?

  2. heres more pics




    look cool under l.e.d


    i c sum purple color in there idk but the closet aint cold so im guessing its a purple mix strain?

  3. this is my first grow ever.

    using glowpanel45 l.e.d light

    organic soil

    epsom salt
  4. room temp 70-80 so im saying purple color from strain gene.
  5. i dont know what strain but i do know that its ready for harvest the hairs are going brown i also read dont leave it too long it can effect the potency

    see what someone else says tho ive just started to learn about it theres other people with 30years of growing experience there info will be alot better than mine hold on and see if someone replys
  6. you can't tell by pics alone if it is ready to harvest, check the trichomes for their color.
    View attachment untitled.bmp

    as for the strain who knows, It could be some offshoot of a purple strain or a berry strain, or even a black strain. No one on here could tell you. looks really nice though.
  7. thanks. my first grow.
  8. i have harvest pics on facebook: buddycanna
  9. For a first grow well done! I'm loving the purple within the buds. Makes me want to get a 90W LED Panel :rolleyes:... But for the strain itself it leaves a tonne of possibilities open. Purple Kush, GDP, and the list goes on. I say you just enjoy the dank smoke:smoke:.

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