What kinda bulb is this MH bulb?

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  1. alright now im pretty sure its a MH but i only got a m47 ballest i would have to check, i know its a thousand because of how big it is, i wanted to know if its a replacement bulb or if its any good to me ya know? i got a bulb for my other thousand watt ballest but i was wondering if the bulb didnt match up with ballest could i use as extra or if i dont wanna buy the ballest for this should i throw it out orrr...ya know....hehe thanks for replys ahead of time


    all i know is its not the same as my other bulb, the insides that is....

    bigger pic--> http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f68/uploadingfoafriend/P1010525.jpg
  2. Personally I would never start a grow with used bulbs. I'd probably feel OK about used fixtures or ballasts, but the bulbs themselves have a much shorter lifespan.

    Bulbs aren't cheap, but neither are they "break the bank" expensive.

    Most gardeners I know replace their bulbs every 3rd or 4th round, but I'm extremely "yield" focused and change mine out after just 2 runs.
  3. i know the basics bro..

    i was just wondering if i could use it for a backup?
  4. It doesn't matter if they are used are not.

    Bulbs can have 12,000 hour + lifespan
  5. i know its a MH but im just scared to try it in a MH ballest i got...it doesnt have the same inside guts at all as the 1 that goes to my ballest...im scured
  6. ya i aint gonna throw it away if its used thats for sure :)
  7. Oh lol. Well just do a google search and compare the stats with your bulb and the ballast you have.
  8. what do you mean how can i compare them, i know they dont look the same...
  9. Bro, even if by some miracle, the bulb doesn't work with your ballast, the worst you'll do is burn out the bulb.
  10. what about all the books that say it will explode man...

    every book i read says that...

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