What kinda bug is it?

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  1. Ok so i finally got a pic of one of these little fuckers.. seen about 3 -5 of these.. all dead now but what are they? Had thrips on my plants in veg an blasted them with neem oil.. the thrips seem to be gone but these are still there.. any idea wth they r cause im not sure an the neem didnt kill them.. they were there before i hit them with the neem

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  2. dafuq dis is the most bizare bug i've ever seen could you send a clearer pic?
  3. Looks like the brain bug from Starship Troopers

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  4. Sure does
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  5. Tryed to post a few more other is at 100% but pic wont show up..

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  6. Some sort of aphid maybe? Weird looking for sure!

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  7. I think it maybe to big for an aphid.. bout half the size of a lady bug..
  8. @Chunk Please take a look and see if you can ID
    Weird one for sure
  9. It's kinda cute
    I would catch it and keep it as a pet to see how big he gets LOL
  10. Could name him Iggy
  11. Can't really tell from that pic @STIGGY . Need to see a better view of the abdomen/thorax.

    Is it causing damage?

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  12. Not that i can tell... well post better pic if i find another
  13. Thanks Chunk looks like it is emerging into something else
    Like a hatch ling emerging up from the soil to dry its wings
  14. Most insect species have several different phases of development. It makes identification challenging. These phases are called instars.

    Instar - Wikipedia

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  15. Bud bugs are so ugly looking ...
  16. I believe you are on to something
    I see what looks like an old external skin in front of him (may have molted)

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