what kind of weed is this?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by viper9, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. this is my friend's plant that he just wandered into and i was wondering what kind it is,and how much longer it needs to get picked.

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  2. another

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  3. and another

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  4. another

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  5. He must. Just like the other guy that said "high all."

    It's their trademark. You don't mess w/ trademark.
  6. [no need to leave negitive comments :D critter].....I don't see why that is annoying, but i find it annoying that you find it annoying, since there is no problem with that.:D
  7. shouldnt we all be complimenting viper9 on his friends new hunnie there i mean damn that is some shnit there id say give it about maybe a few weeks then the vigin mary there is ready to get poped therebut id probably just grow it a bit more just two savor her oh yea you all should name her heres a litlle tip you see the long leaves hangin out the trade mark leaves you mite want to peel those down so she could grow more sauccyier and give the buds a chance to expand hey man have a good time wit her !
  8. what ever it doesn't matter...everyones entitled to thier own opinions as long as they're being nice...: or at least somewhat......

    just because another member doesn't leave something you like doesn't mean you should be criticle...everyone is just trying to help here....

  9. what i'd be wondering is the fact that he stumbled upon it......that may be the fine work of an outdoor grower, who is waiting for it to harvest, i know i'd be pissed if it was stolen!.......Peace out.......Sid
  10. Its a nice plant, but like Sid said I would wait and see if its anyone elses plant.. The plant looks too taken care of to be a complete wild plant, in my opinion. but just imagine, you put 3 months into your baby to have it taken from you, now wouldn't that suck? I know if anyone stole my plants there would be some dead punks!

    Just used common sense and karma when harvesting this plant.. Only take what you are willing to give back, and vise-versa. And always respect your fellow growers!
  11. The plants in the pics seem to be a in the Magnoliophyta division, the order Urticales, and the Cannabis genus.
  12. Yea if i walked upon some weed i wouldnt take it Id be too scared some cops planted it just as bait with my extra paranoid ass...nice plant though.
  13. Well thieves in the City go figure!!!!!!!!!! Things have changed at the City and what the fuck so will I. It bugs me people hate seeing my HIGH All, but have nothing to say to marijuana plant theives. My opinion is they are the lowest kind of thief.
    My RANT!!!!!
  14. Absolutely right, UNOIT! Stealing someoneelse's pot (in whatever form) is the lowest of the low!

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