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What kind of weed do you have in your area?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marijuanauser, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. #1 marijuanauser, Sep 12, 2009
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    For me the I usually can only find sativas, barely had Indicas, and don't know about hybrids. And there is Dank or fire dank, no such thing as shwag or mids.
  2. dank or fire dank is not a kind, it is a descriptive word for it. In my area there are sativas, indicas and hybrids.
  3. in my area i can get pretty much any strain of ganja that you could think of whether its sativa, indica, or hybrid. thats the beauty of living in Cali. especially since i live super close to the Club where all you need is a club card to legally buy bud, kief, edibles, etc. you name it, they got it.

  4. ^^^x2
  5. Mostly sativa around my area. But there's a lot of dank and exotic headies flowing around here. My boy just copped 4 ounces of some Afghan Trainwreck, this shit is PHYA!!!
  6. Can pretty much get anything I want within the area of my city.
  7. Well there are a lot of drug deaers around,but most of them get regular,MY dealer has some bad ass mids,and like a couple of dealers have some cronich,but not all the time
  8. The Bud i get makes you wanna do this
  9. just some headies for now

  10. hahahaha

    The stuff down here is actually pretty nice. Out of the 6 dealers i know, 1 of them got the dankest buds.
  11. New Jersey..... ( north/ Central) ive been smoking dank for the past month everyday. Just bought a little from my old dealer and even he has dank. Before, in August, i got the really fucking food no name dank shit i called tootsie kush. It smells like tootsie rolls. Everything about it is amazing. Taste is a bit fruity with a nice strong kick at the end of fat rip. burns a little too fast for my liking but it's okay. Its a hybrid of 65% sativa 35% indca i think. :yummy:
  12. Only the dopest of the dope.

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