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What kind of weed can this be?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by falco_amadeus, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. First of all, I only smoke about 2-3x a week, been doing this for about 2 1/2 years. Before all regular weed I used to get, I could smoke about 1/2 blunt with no hassle, then the other half later. Joints I had to smoke like 2 in like 20 mins to get high but thin joints like 1/2 cigarrette width.

    Now I get some weed were I roll up joints only also 1/2 cigarrette width and I took like 2 pulls and am straight high for like 30mins - 1 hour. I don't know what kind of weed is that!? Now the pros of that weed I can smoke up a nickel bag in like 4-5 times where before I used to drop the whole shit in a blunt! The cons of this weed is that if you take 1 extra pull too much, you go into a full blown panic attack which is really scary. I been getting weed from this dealer for about 2 years, I know this can't be laced. So what you think?
  2. It's just some dank. Before you were getting some mids, now you get dank. Have you noticed a difference in the bud? Color, smell, crystals, seeds, etc?
  3. Why are you complaining? Haha, just kidding man, that's awesome that you are getting more blazed off less nug. Are you paying the same amount? If so that's awesome your getting a nice hookup. Keep tokin' :smoke:
  4. the classic epiphany of dank
  5. Yes, same price! Just regular nick bags.

    Yes I noticed a difference, the weed smell is so fresh and it has red-brownish patches on it.
  6. Maybe you're used to smoking Indicas and it's a Sativa (and a dank one at that). Sativa's kinda have a mind-blowing high that makes me get paranoid really easy and shake for no reason at times. Maybe something like that's happening to you.
  7. Are there any seeds to it? Crystals on the bud?
  8. Yeah, usually really dark seeds but no crystals.
  9. What? Yes it has seeds and NO crystals :confused:
  10. maybe its the 1st time youve smoked regs hah
  11. I rarely smoke haze, drow or other stuff, just regs. It was green bud with brown-reddish pateches on it and that's it and smells really fresh and nice!

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