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What kind of wax is this?

Discussion in 'General' started by JjBill, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Ok i've never picked up wax like this. it is supposedly a gram, but it does not look like it whatsoever (was $65). it is also non crumbly, just sticky?

    and the picture also makes it look bigger than it really is

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  2. Looks like some low grade oil I got like a year back here in Ny.. Came in the same container too lol

  3. i just got word that it is BHO. anyone know how potent it is? and how long it will last compared to say a gram of wax? it looks like such a tiny amount
  4. A gram of wax lasted me and 3 friends about a week of 1-2 dabs each a day. It's pretty efficient
  5. can anybody here confirm that it is about a gram of BHO and that i didnt get ripped?
  6. Nobody can do that, anyone that says they can is just trying to make you feel good. You said yourself the picture looks different than it does irl.

    If you wanna know, scale it. That's all there is to it.

  7. you didn't get ripped bro. are you listening to me?! you didn't get ripped! bro, listen,,,,you didn't get ripped.
  8. i am here to confirm that the specimen in the container is 1 gram of butanehashoil. And you did not get ripped.
  9. i think that's poop
  10. looks like bho

    dont listen to anyone when they say they know the quality, no way to know without smoking it.. it's a concentrate, it's mostly pure, all that matters in quality at that point is the quality of the triches..
  11. Ive had some wax like that before. If it was done right then it can be potent as fuck.

    As far as being ripped off,idk but in my eyes it doesnt seem like u did
  12. Looks like BHO buzz.
  13. It's Texaco black dream, shit gets you wrizzekd bizzoy

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