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What kind of super power do you get when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alrex, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. I was reading a thread on how a few people could really sense emotions while high.

    I can see ghosts while high. Could be hallucinating, but there's a huge coincidence behind it.

    I also can sing very good while high. I think this is because my mom is pretty good, and my sister is VERY good and I grew up my whole life subconsciously learning from hearing them sing over the years. When I try when not high, it sounds so bad and husky
  2. the ability to eat a lot of food.
  3. I can sound just like Sean Paul.
  4. I can perform sexually for a minimum of 3 hours, (for this reason alone they should legalize it).

    But there are times of 5 or 6 hour afternoons
  5. I know I'm really high whenever I feel what I imagine astral projection to feel like. It's almost as though my spiritual body is being superimposed upon my physical body.

    Either that or it's my familiar. Or a ghost that's been haunting me since before I smoked trying to possess me.
  6. Ocassionally shoot fireballs out of my hand

    Sidenote - Alertness and reflexes seem to be increase , reduced pain
  7. I feel like I have super powers on the drums when I'm high. All these ideas come to my head and I feel like I can execute them all.
  8. I get the power to tell when people should be posting in another section...


  9. Get em tiger :devious:
  10. Super Ultra Munchiez

    The ability to smoke my whole stash in one sitting. It's both a good and bad thing.
  11. I'm often invisible:eek::D:smoke:

  12. Wait, whoa .... what the fuck! That's not grasscity! Am I trippin' or is that different in some way?
  13. That was GC awhile back, before they split the sections :p
  14. My power is I can have a mind-numbingly intense analytical throwdown about the most mundane subject and then forget what that half-hour expostulation was about less than five minutes after it ends
    I also use more big words

  15. Oh shit, I was staring at that picture for a good 10 minutes. :D
  16. Haha, yeah it confused me at first too, but then I remembered how it was way back when.
  17. i get super hearing and on some occasion my vision is magnified X3 i swear
  18. I kinda see the future.
  19. Oh yeah it gives me the power to consume more food than my own body weight, to power to feel awesome and hazed out and the power to realize that super powers don't exist outside of fiction

    its raining men , hallelujah its raining men, amen
  20. #20 Eike, Apr 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 28, 2011
    You're an idiot.
    No need for the name calling. Mat369

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