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What kind of Scale do you guys use to weigh your stuff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smokemaster5000, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. I need to buy a scale to measure my shit, so, i was thinkin about buying a jewelry one, since i cant find any others, would that work? or do i need one for food? or somethin like that
  2. Triton t2 ftw.
  3. Anything that weighs grams dude. Just get yourself a digital scale at a headshop. Food scales will work as long as they weigh grams.
  4. what are the average prices of electric and non-electric scales?
  5. My scale, an excellent one for the price, was 25$ and it gets the job done and then some.
  6. I remember hearing my friend say that he saw a scale for $5, but I didn't believe him
  7. Just got this one in the mail today. Works great very happy with the purchase.

  8. niiiice where'd you get that one?
  9. Hey Guys, check out herbalsmokeshops.com for a good selection of scales.:smoke:
  10. any one dude.
    $25 at a convenience store!
  11. Definitely spend that bit extra and get a digi over the manual ones. The hand operated ones you have to get out the weights and shit and balance it all out, as opposed to a digi where all you need to do is an initial calibration and you're set to go.
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    I have one very similar to this, courtesy of my local high school biology lab.


    It's extremely sensitive/accurate, if you even breathe near it lightly it will throw it off.

  13. hahaha you stole it?

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