What kind of rhythm..music..artist..do you feel?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by sensimil, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. whaddya think....


    for some reason, when Im stoned, drinking, ETC, I find myself wanting to listen to the same artist/band songs rather than say a mix cd or playlist...
    i dunno this is!!!!!!
    lol, its been happening everytime I surf the net (esp my second home, the city ;) )
    maybe its the rhythem of the group? of how you feel right then? its just weird rhythmcause like during the day, listening to music, etc...different stuff interests me..and (lol, apparently?) now...and usually like this, its like 'lemme play all the songs I have from them...'
  2. i guess until yea find another one. heh. i love it.
  3. Yes. happens to me. I always listen to louder more abbrasive bands in the morning for some reason.
  4. i can always get into some van morrison.. i'll tell you what.. lol.. i love having something i can wail to.. ya know?
    then.. theres those times.. i wanna listen to something a little more.. harsh.. like some sparta, rage, or tool (i don't really think tool's all that hard, but just in general)... stuff like that.. i hope i understood this thread right.. later sensi
  5. Yip i know that feeling....when i'm stoned i allways seem to put on "The Music"....if you've never heard them, download them right away, good tunes are "The People" and "Jag Tune" hell download the whole album if you want....i went to see them twice....AMAZING!!.....well enough of trying to ram the music down you're throats, but yeah Sensimil i know what you mean....Peace out....Sid
  6. i get that too! depends what i'm doin. sometimes some ozzy hit's the spot. then i can totally change my mood and feel like simon and garfunkel or something like that. weird.
  7. yes i feel tht too , i like to think im feeling the vibe of the music ,you realy cant have haphazard vibes man change so even when i'm listening to a compilation i prefer to have it mixed properly so there aren't any variation in vibes before i decide to morph em....:ey:
  8. musics a major part of my life , i can listen to rap music all day and enjoy it , when it comes to reggae i can really vibe with it , obvious choice of artist is bob marley , i can listen to his stuff over and over and ill feel the music like i did when i first listened.

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