What kind of light should I buy for 2 plants with my next paycheck?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thom Greenthumb, May 4, 2011.

  1. I get paid next week, and I'm wondering what kind of light(s) would be best to buy...I have 2 main plants right now, and am using a combo of daylight in the day and 60w CFL's at night.

    Suggestions? CFL? I can't really afford an HID, and my closet can't get THAT hot!

  2. LED? I like LED...:smoke:
  3. i went to the local hydro store couple days ago LED is expensive and the guy compared LED vs CFL vs HID vs MH . LED tends to grow smaller buds than the rest, of course they didn't have a marijuana plant growing but they had a pepper plant LED didn't seem to get the job done like the others..
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    If you buy cheap ass LED's you will get horrible yields. If you invest in GOOD LED's you will get a very nice yield... I'm eventually switching over from 1,000w HPS to 740 watts of pure LED from a good LED company.

  5. The two LED companys I personally trust are Lighthouse Hydroponics (Blackstar LED) or Advanced LED. :smoke:
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    So LED is better than CFL? Because I'm kind of into the CFL's. They work for my current situation.

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