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What kind of grinder should I get?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TOYPAJI182, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I plan on buying my first grinder soon and I'm on a tight budget, so I really don't wanna spend more than $25 or $30 for it. Would I be better off buying a quality 2 piece grinder, such as a Space Case, or should I go with a generic 4 piece for the same price, but but with not as much reliability? Thanks for the help..
  2. Get a pair of trimming scissors. The travel hair stylist ones.

    I can't justify paying $40+ for something that breaks up weed. Yeah it may have a "keef" catcher, and I guess after 100+ grinds, the price would be justified. But for me, I'd rather just chop it up with my sharp ass pair of mini scissors.
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    Definitely the space case.
  4. Just use scissors lol cheap, easy, reliable.
  5. grinders destroy so much of what you want in the bud. Crystals get stuck all through the inside of those things, scissors are 100x better.
  6. ok here's my problem with my 2 piece grinder. It's really nice, metal and such, BUT the thing I hate is that whenever I grind I have to knock out the weed onto a flat surface since I can't grab the bud from the teeth.
    This is really annoying when I'm skating or in my car or something where there isn't a clean flat surface.

    With a kief catcher, all the bud pool at this little screen. So after you grind you just open it up and pinch it out from there.

    However, it is expensive. Only reason I have one is cos at this smoke shop in San Fran she let me get a $30 pipe and $30 grinder for $40:hello:


    Also, if you haven't used on before, let me say that it seriously makes the bud perfect. I never want to roll a joint without a grinder anymore, it sucks ass.
  7. Scissors!!!
  8. I just use a simple wooden grinder. No keif catch or anything. Gets the job done, cost me about $15 at a local headshop.
  9. Sharpstone 4 piece is ~$25

    I'd recommend a Mendo Mulcher tho, they are sort of pricey.
  10. Or u can get a coffee grinder that catches crystal on the lid and chops it up in seconds for ten bucks from Canadian tire don't know if ur from the states but it works great
  11. u can get $7 4 peice metal rinders on ebay. im getting one of them
  12. Chromium crusher
  13. Like some others have said just use scissors, most of those fancy grinders are not worth the high pricetag.
  14. I support the ebay thing. I found a decent selection and the prices were low. Got a 4 piece sharpstone for $10

  15. disagree. I think others will too. Convienience is also a factor. Being able to have already grinded up bud ready is a major plus. Also having a pollen catcher is great. Topping off bowls with some kief=:smoking:
  16. and if ur caught with sissors and weed they suspect your selling
  17. Grap a Space Case. I originally thought SharpStone, but I've had mine for about a month short of a year and I was grinding some brick shit for a friend and it tore off ~15 fucking teeth. That shouldn't happen, like I said I had it less than a damn year. And the weed wasn't even that tough to break up or grind, I have no idea how it managed to rape mine like that. But I won't buy another SharpStone that's for sure lol.
  18. Ive had some serious brick before and that shit is complicated to grind. Theirs a trick to it i guess

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