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What kind of glass is good for bubblers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMan234, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Like is say pyrex good? What are good kinds to get?
  2. Also how much does the size of the bubbler matter? For example, how much does a 5 inch differ from an 8 inch bubbler?
  3. get something thats inside out glass. it will be more expensive but will be gorgeous and strong as hell
  4. get a thick bubbler, please don't waste your money on a cheap one, I made that mistake and found out how easy it broke too.
  5. well what kind of material is thick? and what exactly does inside out glass mean?
  6. 2 layers of glass and the designs inbetween are all glass i believe
  7. get a good thick one, you wanna get BOROCILICATE GLASS if you can.
  8. Definetely get the thick glass. Youll be saving money in the long run plus youll have somthing with a better feel to hold. You can tell the difference pretty easy. Thin glass looks like a wine glass and thick glass looks more like a thick ass coke bottle from 1940 or somthing lol
  9. isn't that the same as pyrex?
  10. Yes: Pryex is the brand name. It's made with BOROCILICATE GLASS.

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