what kind of deficiency would this be?

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  1. this is one of the smaller plants in my first grow im currently in. and noticed the bottom leaves have been looking pretty bad lately. i figured since im using fox farm soil i didn't have to feed it much if anything for atleast a few weeks.
     i gave the plant its first feeding of fox farm nutes 4 days ago and have it on a 24/7 light cycle.
    im using fox farm ocean forest and watering when im supposed to
    the humidity is around 65 and temps around 75 on average
    not exactly sure whats going on here..
    any insight would be appreciated
    thanks in advance


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  2. Are you sure it isn't root bound? I would transplant it to a bigger container.
  3. ohh I didn't think about that.. ill transplant them tomorrow when im off work and see if that maybe helps
    thanks for the reply
  4. Repot and don't over feed. You're frying it with nutes...
  5. New pot.

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  6. well it was definitely a great call to transplant. both plants were indeed rootbound. thanks again for the replys.
  7. Are they looking happy? Lol
  8. yeah they are looking better, im going to transplant my blue dream into a bigger pot tomorrow when I can hit the depot.

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