What kind of deficiency is this?

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  1. any ideas?
    Ph meter reads 5.0

    1063DD46-C3A9-4893-8AE3-885CAB077EED.jpeg 8E81D989-D4CB-48BD-8437-94627D39BEBB.jpeg 67245B9D-E261-475C-887D-8B35137193EF.jpeg 9524334C-7D10-45E4-B660-60F99AE5CA48.jpeg
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  2. thank you
    I started giving them some cal/mag yesterday. how long does it take to show improvement?
  3. This chart has done much harm.

    There are several things that are the cause of almost every problem.
    1. Overfeeding can mimic deficiencies
    2. Wrong pH can do the same
    3. CalMag need
    4. Lights too close

    Fix those things and you should have no problems.
    Chasing deficiencies is a fool's errand.
    Any good fertilizer should produce no deficiencies.
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  4. I was thinking it might be the light
    Is it too close?

    1F2A9B83-554A-4084-9733-4E6CC2480D84.jpeg 94A2E457-538A-4393-BACA-D4AEB522E9D1.jpeg
  5. I'm just gonna leave these here...

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  6. Well yeah, obviously dude... perfect conditions, perfect feed equals perfect grow
  7. with that ph of 5 is a wonder they aint already dead.
    Look at the chart
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  8. Even if it's obvious that perfect conditions will create perfect grows, many people seem unable to create those perfect conditions, and instead are misled into chasing deficiencies.

    If it were obvious how to create perfect conditions, there wouldn't be scores of unhealthy cannabis pictures every day on the internet.
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  9. Ohh i wasnt disagreeing with you, i think what youre saying is right.. jusy my sense of humor dude thats all

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