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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by FunErnie, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. HI everyone :) I got these from a friend I usually get stuff from but he doesn't know the kind that this is and he got it from his second contact..
    a little bit drier than other strains I've gotten before, not bad, not too aromatic but very earthy and has a fruity smell too when I break it up
    just curious since I like to look at wikileaf to figure out the strain and it's info...
    thanks for the help would appreciate it greatly.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. The smokeable kind.
  3. lol as in strain? lol
  4. marijuana buds.

    for real though there's absolutely no way to tell.
  5. We're not magical...

    There could be 50 made up strain names that look like that and smell 'earthy'.
  6. common ..... I was just trying to find out what kind of strain or maybe if anyone just had an idea i guess..... wasn't expecting a smartass
  7. Anyone's guess will just be a guess.
    We see a ton of these dumb ass threads.
  8. lol ... dumb go fuck off
  9. they're not wrong though. we get threads like this all the time there's honestly no answer we could give you. there's so many different varieties that would have traits similar to what you are describing.

    There's really no way to be sure of genetics unless you are growing it yourself or getting it directly from a grower or reputable source like a dispensary.
  10. Another one of these I see...well OP got to insults faster than usual this time, so I guess it's outlived it's usefulness...

    OP...no one can answer your question, which you would have realized if you'd read any of the other thousand of these threads...likely the dealer doesn't even know...strain names assigned to most black market weed are not correct anyways...
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