What kind of bong is this?

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  1. It's a beaker with the center chamber slightly narrower. I'm not talking about the ice pinches and I don't think it's a Zong either. Is there a specific name for this? It looks pretty cool, is it more efficient?
  2. Got a pic?
  3. splash guard?

  4. this.
  5. I was kinda thinking splash guard as well
  6. Oh I know!! Its that one right? With the things? And the stuff?

    I knew I recognized it from somewhere!

    This thread is over without pics.

  7. what kind of bowl is this its sorta long but narrow at the same time and it has a mouthpeice. i think it might be a pipe but im not sure.
  8. Ya its the bong with a different design. I seent it before. :hello:
  9. I know exactly what that is.


    |. |. __

    --------- --| |--

    |. |. |. |

    Your welcome
  10. Sounds like a perc


    Must be the Mcdonalds bong!


  12. :D:D:D:D:hello::D:D:D:D
  13. Pics or... it didnt happen :cool:
  14. Its called kinking.
    I think thats what youre talking about at least.

    I personally think it adds a venturi effect, cooling the smoke down.
    Buuuut alot of different companys (roor is well known for kinked neck) do it so its nothing special.
  15. yeah upload some pics

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